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Hostelco assigns 70% of exhibition space months before its celebration


Hostelco, the International Exhibition of Food & Equipment Exhibition, Hotel and Community, a 5 months after its conclusion has already assigned 70% of the space provided to share with Restaurama, Hall of Food Fair dedicated to the restoration and Food outside home, forming the largest international platform of products and services for the HoReCa.

The positive evolution of Hostelco also reflects the good performance of the sector, what in 2018 there has been an increase in the 5% billing, according to the results of the economic study prepared by FELAC, co-organizer of Hostelco.

The next edition of Hostelco, to be held next to the Alimentaria between 20 Y 23 April 2020 in the Gran Via de Fira de Barcelona, will present the latest machinery and equipment for the hospitality world adding synergies with Restaurama, Food salon that will provide business opportunities for food companies aimed at the HoReCa, as well as divisions of large multinational foodservice.

A) Yes, according to forecasts, Restaurama the Hostelco and lounges will add more than 30,000m2 which they meet the offer of more than 800 exhibiting firms, he 27% international, and will receive the visit of 47.500 the Horeca channel professionals, among which more than 1.800 Strategic buyers invited, from 77 countries.

According to the president of Hostelco, Rafael Olmos "Hostelco and Restaurama and make European reference platform for foodservice, canal hospitality, gastronomy and equipment. The decision to add synergies was a great success demonstrating its validity in each edition ".

Much of the offering will consist of Hostelco the sector Fully Equipped, equipment and machinery Hospitality, and the area dedicated to kitchenware and tableware (Setting). Meanwhile, products and equipment related to coffee, cake shop, bakery, pizza and ice cream parlor (Moments) They are recording a very good participation and dynamism.

Con Atmosphere, on the other hand, the salon renews its commitment interior items, decor, illumination, furniture and wellness. parallel, technological and product-oriented entertainment (Tech) as well as the sector dedicated to the delivery and vending (Everywere) They are recording a very satisfactory participation. A) Yes, he 66% platform formed by Hostelco and Restaurama will be occupied by equipment products, and the rest by those of 'food & drinks’.

More of 30 chefs en The Experience Live Gastronomy

Hostelco and Restaurama also share some of the most outstanding activities taking place within the framework of the lounge, as The Experience Live Gastronomy, dedicated to gastronomy live conducted by more than 30 prestigious chefs. the showcookings, workshops and conferences will focus on the value of sustainable cuisine and its close relationship with the territory, products proximity and recovery of the culinary traditions of different regions. The Experience again host the finals of major international competitions such as the relevance of the Year Competition Chef and Bartender Competition Year.

Hostelco will also host under new experimental spaces Atmosphere: Hostelco Live Hotel y Hostelco Live Restaurant, who played the main rooms of a hotel and a restaurant, y el Hostelco Live Arena, a space dedicated to the debate that will host presentations by industry experts from the hospitality sector and the 'contract'.

In their interventions, specialists analyze and present the main future challenges of the hospitality business, of the world of design and interior design, and the growing prominence of the latest technologies applied to restoration projects and hotel.

They participate in Hostelco Hostelco Live Live Arena Hotel and professionals Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation and Hospitality Institute of Technology CEHAT-ITH, collaborating entities Hostelco, They propose new approaches to key thematic SoBe hotel industry, as the experience of the customer, technological innovation, sustainability and new marketing strategies.

Another area of ​​dissemination of knowledge will be the 'Speaker's Corner' which will provide distributors and installers of equipment and machinery for the hotel a place where the same manufacturers will present the latest developments in the market. parallel, different specialists explain what are the main trends in the field of equipment for the hospitality, restoration and collectivities (social and hospital catering), both nationally and internationally.

The coffee, the protagonist

Hostelco, with the collaboration of the Cultural Forum of the Coffee, will enable an area with its own identity, called "Café Area", which will host conferences, demonstrations, tastings, championships and other activities that show not only the undisputed role of this product, but its great potential for consumption in the world of hospitality.

The lounge also host a new edition of the Hostelco Awards, more than one year will recognize excellence and innovation in nine categories on different projects, products and services of the HoReCa. The judge, composed of professionals from the sector and the chef Carme Ruscalleda, Godmother of the event, the awards will deliver the 20 of April, during the gala night of the living room will bring together professionals, entrepreneurs and operators of the sector. Nominations will be accepted until next 14 February 2020.

The Spanish industry of equipment for the hospitality grows 5%

According to the Economic Survey of exercise 2018 prepared by the Spanish Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers, Community and Allied Industries (Felac), the overall turnover of the 132 companies that make up this group increased 4,84% to reach 1.789 millions of euros, thus achieving string together six years of growth. Sales in the Spanish market, which stood at 926,5 million in the 2018, were noted up the 6,96% with respect to 2017. A more modest increase recorded sales abroad, who came to 862,5 millions of euros, a 2,65% more than the previous year. As a result, the overall export share was the 48,2%.

Rafael Olmos, Felac president and Hostelco, X-economic sector is positive: "The figures for the year 2018 show the smooth running of the hospitality industry equipment, which again raises his billing adding six consecutive years of growth. Good results achieved ", Add, "Thanks to the dynamism of the domestic market and the strength of sales to the outside that, despite moderate its rise, play major roles in the turnover of an industry that exports more than the 48%”.

Olmos also stresses "the reception record numbers of foreign tourists registered in 2018. " Among the factors that have contributed to the good performance of the sector and ensures that equipment "Hostelco reflects the good performance of the market and it looks like its next edition will be the most relevant quote from the show calendar for all professionals in the Horeca channel again".

Hostelco add synergies and Food

Organized by Sights Barcelona Y FELAC, Hostelco It will be held with Food of the 20 al 23 April 2020. Both fairs will occupy almost all of the Gran Via de Fira de Barcelona, It ie about 110.000m2 net. The joint celebration of Hostelco and Food will assume one of the major international platforms for food industry, gastronomy and hospitality equipment to the present distribution both the Horeca channel as the most comprehensive and cross-supply of the domestic market and international.

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