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I Career Chef by Day Hospitality

  • Date: Sunday 6 October from 10 hours
  • Place: Casa de Campo de Madrid

Martín Fiz, ambassador 123hasten of Banco Santander, and Pepa Muñoz, The chef Qüenco Pepa, They presented this morning at the Work Café Santander Paseo de Recoletos Chef Career, a gastronomic and sports initiative to support “Day Hospitality”, which has Santander Bank Y macro main sponsors.

The next Sunday 6 October, Casa de Campo de Madrid hosts the first Chef career. This is a test 5 km route aimed at all audiences in which Participants run with a hat and apron Cook. Inscriptions have a cost of 12 euros and are made via the website: www.lacarreradelchef.com

This race is part of celebrations Day Hospitality, which will take place between 5 and the 8 October, in order to recognize the role of restaurateurs.

Michelin Star furnishingA

All runners will receive their registration with a hat and apron Cook for Test, but it is not the only peculiarity. Award-winning chefs renowned restaurants Michelin star will be responsible for delivering the supplies of the race with the goal.

Collaboration with Action Against Hunger

The race has, Besides, a united order. He 15% of the proceeds will go to Action Against Hunger and his project 'Restaurants Against Hunger', an initiative with hundreds of establishments also donate money for duck and solidarity menu

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