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I European Congress of Law and Gastronomy


The next 19 February will be held in Madrid, within the framework of the annual summit HIP-Hospitality Innovation Planet, he I European Congress of Law and Gastronomy, organized by the Friends of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy and Cremades & Bald, collaboration with the Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain (FACYRE).

The motivation to develop this international meeting, explained the organizers, It is in the need for the sector and the food industry get, from a legal point of view, due organization, systematization and articulation rules.

For it, It will focus on various topics during the workshops, as professional and business, the intellectual property of the gastronomic creations, competition, labor issues, food quality, the incorporation of food and nutrition education system or the fundamental role of government when intervening in this field by production rules (food, health, training, etc.).

The opening of the Congress will be chaired by Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá Polo; Rafael Anson, president of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy and Honorary President of the AARAG, Y Javier Cremades, president of the firm Cremades & Bald.

The Organizing Committee is chaired by Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Excomisaria European Foreign and partner of Cremades & Bald; José María Álvarez del Manzano, former mayor of Madrid City Council President and partner of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo and members of the AARAG.

At this meeting, International projection, intervene a large group of jurists through moderate tables Carlos de la Mata, State Attorney; Marta Iranzo; Rafael Fernández Montalvo, exmagistrado Supreme Court; or Juan Ortíz Úrculo, former prosecutor General and former prosecutor Chief Prosecutor before the Constitutional Court; as well as partners of Cremades & Bald.

Representing the gastronomy industry professionals will participate as outstanding as cooks Mario Sandoval, Pedro Larumbe Juan Antonio Medina O Roberto Capone.

El Congreso se inaugurará el día 19 de febrero, a las 10.00 horas, tras un desayuno saludable.

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