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essential ideas for your restaurant social networks


As gastromarketing professionals must always be on constant alert for everything that is done in social networks: stories, New applications, new content. But, sometimes, companies that have a presence in social networks forget concepts and basic utilities. Let us tell you a series of tips that can help you improve your restaurant. Let's go there!

Stories and Facebook e Instagram

Slap to stories; create a publication with 1080×1920 pixels, Put your product and leaves background in white or colors of your business. The good thing about stories is that they do not have to give the "tabarra" designers because with a little skill can decorate your way with all the options you have stories of Facebook and Instagram.


Do not post on Instagram like crazy

There are apps that can help you find the best time of publication, for example WhenToPost, notifies you via alarm when is the best time. Really helpful! Anyway, we recommend that you analyze your social networks and study what time your fans are connected.

Adapts the image to different devices

Watch out for the cover image Facebook! There is nothing worse than designing a profile photo you love to cover for Facebook and when you see it on the phone cut out. Always keep in mind, the vast majority of users use their phones to watch their social networks. Always look at your profile pictures and cover for your phone.


Use the trending topic for your brand

If your business has a profile on Twitter (Still you do not have? NOGGIN) use the trending topic for your brand. In addition to using these TT, creates hashtag for your restaurant or business to go positioning your posts. It does not matter whether the # DiaMundialDelSueño, sure you have a signature dish, a dish dream you can relate to this kind of hashtag that have nothing to do with your business.

Videos and pictures on the cover of Facebook

Did you know that you can put videos on the cover of Facebook? Take the opportunity to put several images, at first it may appear name your restaurant and the rest you can put promotions or your daily menu. Facebook is like pork, It takes advantage all.


The usefulness of hashtags

There is nothing uglier than see a text on Instagram and, then, a string of hashtags. To put your most beautiful texts there are two options. The first is to put a midpoint like this ( · ) text below, another under the first and the last under the second. With this you get the text to be separated from the hashtag. The second solution is as easy as putting on your hashtags comments. Remember that you can not put more than 30!

Do not forget to put Hashtags. Yes, Also on Facebook. points, we give you a few: #Madrid #Barcelona # Ponelnombredetuciudadaquí #restaurante (name your restaurant) #instafood #vscofood #pinchosytapas #Foodporn # Coctelería #terrazasmadrid #terrazasdemadrid #interiorismo #interiordesign #foodie #igersmadrid #afterworks #restaurantesMadrid #restaurantesconencanto


Always respond to comments, even negative

The opinions go to Mass. Do not play if you write Swedish a bad comment. It does not matter whether on reviews from Google, Facebook, Twitter or in the middle that is. always responds to each with education and patience. A dissatisfied customer is the worst marketing campaign you can have on your business.

The other day one of our fellow agency Aplus Gastromarketing He ordered a pizza and the pizza took an hour and a half to get. They apologized and as a reward we wanted to give away free drinks to our next order. yes, the offer was only for one month. A) YES, NO. If something happens like, of course you have to invite a free order, but when the customer wants. Will thank you and discuss in their social networks, we assure you.

Otherwise, you can find someone expert on social networks like us and with very bad milk (It is not the case) you generate a crisis by mismanagement.


Logo and quality content

I, me and only me. When you have a business you want to you logo is the largest and the name of it appears in the soup. He thinks that if someone likes burgers, but on his Facebook wall appears to him all day the same advertising burgers, In the end it will no longer follow that page. Stay informed the world of gastronomy and share it on social networks. Imagine that your restaurant specializes in quail eggs. Why not share an article on the benefits of such eggs against the rest? Do not worry, when you go up the post at the end you can put that they can try them at your restaurant. This is called quality content, the content that the user likes social networking.

How nice it would be up post in our social networks and we had 1.000 likes! But no, That does not usually happen. Our dear owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, He has given a blow on the table. He is fed up and say we flood of advertising messages to the user social networking, so we recommend investing so much in promoting your Facebook or Instagram, as the most important posts or contests. Starts with 5 O 10 Euros post. You'll be amazed interactions you can get.

There are many tips that can give you to improve your business social networks. maybe, as you are busy creating a dish 5 Michelin stars or emplatando your new artwork does not have time for this social networking.

In Aplus gastromarketing we can create a social networking strategy according to the needs of your restaurant or business related to gastronomy. We also offer consultancy, We do events and manage FACYRE, Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain, Special actions canal HORECA and everything that has to do with the kitchen, kitchen. Y, If you want to be informed of the latest gastromarketing you can visit our fanpage of Aplus Gastromarketing Facebook, our profile on Twitter and Instagram.

¿We cook together?

We love #gastromarketing.

About the Author

Considered one of the most influential gastronomic marketing professionals in Spain, Diego Olmedilla is president of Aplus Gastromarketing, Director General of Facyre and has been Director of Marketing for Active FEHR, the marketing division of the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Restaurants.


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