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Ideas to earn more and spend less on your restaurant


Gastrouniversia She held in the hotel HN Collection Eurobuilding de Madrid, a event aimed at professionals in the catering and hospitality who wish improve the profitability of their business.

the day "Ideas to earn more and spend less on your restaurant" was a advancement of the Advanced Course in Management Restaurants and F&B Hotelero Gastrouniversia carried out in collaboration with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, for learn to better manage a restaurant. It was presented and directed by the course director Oscar Carrion.

Oscar Carrion director Gastrouniversia

Oscar Carrion

The assistants, who filled the hotel room, They received four major briefings by industry experts, who they are also teachers of the course.

Cost management in the restaurant

Nicolas Ayela, restaurant consultant and CEO of Grupo Nima, He gave a lecture entitled “Trading account: the roadmap Restaurant” where he began the day with particular emphasis on the Need to collect data that "give us enough information about our restaurant to start acting ".

Nicolas Ayela restaurant consultant

Nicolas Ayela

In the operating account found five key elements to take into account when managing. First is the need for inventories, and then the escandallos, let us know the cost of each dish.

Subsequently be assessed dishes home and know what Nicholas called Ayela he 80/20. He 20% the menu items produce 80% restaurant sales. (Pareto Principle)

In fourth place, the daily sales be analyzed to extract some basic information such as average ticket That in It will help in setting new sales targets in the restaurant, in order to increase the average spending of each client.

By last, Ayela referred to the Productivity maps, which indicate that shifts are more profitable for the number of workers and the workload of each restaurant, to establish measures in order to increase the productivity of team.

Optimization of human resources at restaurants

The second speech of the day was in charge of Ramón God, Meson de Fuencarral owner, Gastrocoacing CEO and President of European Restorers Young, who provided some guidelines for optimizing human resources, that allows us to convert our staff sellers.

God Ramón coach and president of JRE

Ramón God

The most prominent idea of ​​the exhibition was the need to create a team of extraordinary work to make the restaurant work. "No team there is nothing", God said Ramon.

digital transformation of the restaurant industry

Later Professor Coquillat, director DiegoCoquillat.com and CEO 10Restaurants, He began his presentation by performing an economic analysis of the current situation in the hospitality sector and into the new digital model in the restaurant industry, developing its theory 5 P´s.

Diego Coquillat DiegoCoquillat.com director and CEO of 10Restaurantes

Diego Coquillat

  • digiport. New customers are and choose Internet Restaurant.
  • digital bribe. Customers share their experience on the net.
  • digital prestige. Businesses must manage their reputation online.
  • digital customization. Customizing the offer to the needs of each client, add the restaurant an element differentiating value.
  • People. The online success is based on the personal relationship.

Trends and new gastronomic proposals

The last section of the day was devoted to "Trendencias: international marketing trends POS ". Eva Ballarín, Hospitality Consultant, He highlighted the latest developments concerning restoration, particularly in the cities of New York and London, and new culinary concepts, pop-ups, food trucks, food halls, etc.

Eva Ballarín Hospitality Consultant

Eva Ballarín

For those professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge of the sector, he Advanced Course in Management Restaurants and F&B Hotelero of Gastrouniversia, will start in February in Madrid.

We shared some tweets that were posted during the event:

Drafting: Micaela Pirrone
Photography: Santiago Pirrone

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