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Ideas to improve the marketing strategy of a restaurant in Instagram


The act of eating is conceived as a treat for the senses: taste, smell and, Of course, view. So a good marketing campaign for a restaurant should include content that enters through the eyes. Especially, in the social network par excellence photography: Instagram.

What customers look at Instagram

What users are in this social network, many times, son sensory stimuli, why Instagram pursues the impact of graphic and audiovisual. Therein lies the difficulty and the importance of a marketing campaign through this medium: a single photograph or video 60 seconds may condense representing the essence mark or a restaurant.

Another issue to consider is that all instagramers They seek inspiration. That is to say, all clients accessing this network want to feel protagonists and nurture their profile beautiful and evocative photos causing an impact, generating an increase in the number of his followers, likes or share their publications.

What to offer through Instagram

First, promoting a restaurant through Instagram must proceed from a clear premise: quality content. a picture is worth with not post. You have to capture images with the appropriate resolution, in a clean environment, with beautiful presentation and perfectly studied.

further, it is advisable to portray day dishes. Getting the right light is extremely important, as this will cause the color and freshness of what is most striking portrayed. Increasingly restaurant patrons ask for the window tables with the aim of favoring light your photos.

These should inspire Instagram user a unique idea: delicious. When potential customers see publications that restaurant have to experience not only a visual stimulus, but also the desire to try the dish. Who has not found a photo on Instagram of a prescription and has felt the need to cook just so tasty that appeared in the image? An image can not capture the taste or smell, but if done correctly, itself may be able to make us salivate. That's what we should look with images of the highest quality.

We are celebrating the holiday weekend with salmon pizza! 🍕🐟📸: @peachonomics

Emily shared publishing Pizza 🍕E (@pizzalovesemily) he

Who wants a full part in their Instagram photos must have a good camera for your photos are stunning. In this way, most important to get a good snapshot is light, for what a lens 50 mm correct possible defects in photographs brightness.

Many restaurants are lit dimly, which provides an intimate and warm. Nevertheless, in this light photos can go very dark and not appreciated either colors or details dish. Instant retouch and correct the white balance significantly improves the outcome.

A professional camera lets you use desktop tripods, which they get a much better perspective of the image which is captured when shooting manually. In this sense, a trick very used to publish images of dishes is viral the next: preparing a background image artificial, that is to say, a kind of setting in which are located the products used to carry out the preparation.

On the other hand, a good one marketing strategy should not only conform promote the restaurant menu, but also seek to evoke the promise to live a moment of enjoyment in the establishment. For it, comes well include pictures of the different rooms, of its facade (will help the client to better locate local) and staff working on site. It is important to accompany all snapshots ocurrentes #hashtags, to help locate and find the restaurant in the various internal search engine application.

Definitely, do not forget the popular saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words". That is to say, Each profile represents the brand Instagram, products and business philosophy its promoter. Therefore it is necessary to capture in each of the images published the essence of what they represent.

Instagram marketing campaigns

all marketing campaign through Instagram is twofold: one direct and one indirect. What do you mean each? As well, the first refers to that content, personally, It is published through this social network. That is to say, the photographs up the restaurant itself or in your case the communication department of the same.

But, Besides, There is a campaign by the customer interaction with others instagramers. This occurs when the diners themselves attending an establishment who publish their profiles in photos taken at the local, good food, While the restaurant itself. They are content just to reach other potential customers.

What it does Instagram to a marketing campaign? Especially, a dynamic promotion, agile and spontaneous. Definitely, It is a way to market any business activity quickly hospitality. With a careful advertising content is achieved as economical as effective.

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