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IGTV Instagram, the new tool to revolutionize restoration


That he content consumption it becomes increasingly driven by social networks It is a fact. What Instagram It has become one of the tools more potent industry and catering what digital marketing is concerned, as well.

But technology does not stop in its advance. No breath of. Because, visual network is already giving one step further: image to length video. Until now, Instagram allowed to record and play videos a minute; IGTV, It makes up an hour.

Recently, during a ceremony held in San Francisco (USA), Instagram announced that it has exceeded 1.000 million monthly active users Worldwide.

During this event, Instagram owned by Facebook– presented IGTV, a new application that will allow upload videos up to one hour to Professional content creators and celebrities using this social network.

IGTV idea of ​​being born with competition Youtube Y Snapchat. IGTV is a standalone application, but also an option that can be used within the platform Instagram.

“Also like TV, IGTV has channels”, He explained co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, Instagram's blog . referring, the new tool, he pointed out: “a IGTV, Nevertheless, creators are channels. When you follow a creator on Instagram, its IGTV channel will appear for you to look. Anyone can be a creator: You can upload your own IGTV videos in the app or on the web to start your own channel“.

During the launch of IGTV, Systrom, has revealed that “the tools video we see are old and are outdated. Think about it: we continue to see video formatted for TV, in a vertical display”.

After the experience of Facebook, last year revealed that it was more likely that users saw vertical videos longer than traditional 16:9, Instagram makes sense to want to follow suit and adopt vertical full screen videos (Apart from Instagram Stories).

Like everything that has to do with IG, the new tool is designed to view contents from mobile phone. Thus, It allows viewing videos or long-term programs in a vertical format. It is intended, At first, for use by celebrities, but who says that the restaurant is able to capitalize?

However, make a video of such long duration quality content for viewing on mobile is a challenge, for individuals and businesses.

How do we use IGTV? As it is relatively easy for a community manager for a user or network. First, download the application in the terminal and log in with Instagram account. Once opened, you will find several options to upload content. Then, You need create your own channel.

Then, you must choose a movie you have previously recorded In vertical format! Remember that IGTV is intended as a space for creativity and to interact with the public Y, as in all social networks, the content is essential. And the device, Mobile, as well.

Like any image within Instagram, the user must fill in a title and description to publish. And ready. ¡Voila! Now we can advertise our restaurant through this new application through the network of the visual par excellence.

In fact, the restaurant chain The Mafia sits at the table He has already begun experiment with IGTV and created its own channel. It has become, in this way, in the Spanish first franchise restaurant to use this application taking advantage of the opening of one of your establishment Zaragoza House Mafia Jimenez.

Here we will share its publication in Instagram:

Aragon visit our restaurant Open House Jime

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CEO Alfredo Cortés Consultores. Integral Marketing Consulting. Collaborator CEOE Aragon. Speaker at the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce, San Jorge University (Zaragoza) Previously: Marketing and Communication Director at Grupo LMssLM (The mob sits at the table, La boutique Italian food y Dìtaly).



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