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iHEARu, the app that detects noisy restaurants through crowdsourcing


Ah, youth ... What better time to destroy our eardrums in a nightclub? Have you suffered from tinnitus to leave the dance floor? That persistent and overwhelming buzz caused by loud music that leaves more than one grouchy.

Not much better the fact in power talk. And in case you try, They will have every chance to get up the next day with a good carraspera.

Experiences like these have spurred developed a kind of allergy bars and noisy restaurants in a non-trivial part of the population. An understandable aversion neuroscientific and audiologist Kelly Tremblay shares.

And thank goodness it does! Thanks to her we have the application iHEARu, and those who want talk without raising his voice or enjoy a quiet evening ensordeceros free environments, and they can do.

Detect noisy restaurants by crowdsourcing

To have a database from which to draw recommendations, the team responsible for iHEARu uses this newly appearing revulsión to the noisy environments in excess or strident.

The synergy crowdsourcing, GPS location and search interface user-oriented they have allowed iHEARu make a lot of noise, as contradictory as it seems, among those who hate the hubbub and screaming.

The user involvement is essential. It is they who when visiting a place that is not in the application, They can use this to record the atmosphere of a restaurant, bar concrete pub. It notes the position thereof and is performed measure the decibels based recording. The higher the sound intensity, lower the visibility property one iHEARu.

A godsend that will hopefully clear some archetypical situations that occur in restaurants. How many times have you been forced to acquiesce which pasmarote after asking "What?"Two or three times? Luckily with iHEARu we can know in advance what kind of place we get and avoid strange looks from our partner when we answer your question by saying "What are you going to ask you?».

Improving the atmosphere of a restaurant to promote accessibility and consumption

The improving the environment of a restaurant or bar has a direct impact on the user experience. The color palette, the style adopted and lighting are some of the most explored aspects. The effort devoted to these often is detrimental to human control or soundproofing.

When searching the customer satisfaction, the Loyalty and the inclusion, attention to detail is crucial. The general public, particularly those with hearing problems or difficulty socializing, you see is tremendously benefited by a quiet atmosphere and with stimuli reduced hearing.

Noisy restaurants can opt to hire the services of a acoustician and environmental health for a effective noise management, educate their clientele or lease to other business applications such as iHEARu.

Because in a world increasingly busy, we do not believe that this issue is much ado about nothing.

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