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II.- Storage and Preparation: A new way of understanding the design of professional kitchens for restaurants


Chapter 2. Storage and Preparation

The division of spaces is done in a kitchen is based on the need to cover needs, not being the same segmentation that takes place in a small restaurant which is done in a kitchen of a luxury cruise. Professional kitchens are very different types, and each presents particularities we must define from the outset to present a good design on the plane, that once made it perfect for customer needs.

Flat design / project of a restaurant kitchen

The plane of a project, you should consider each of the areas of professional kitchens. All of them, following the march forward of food, They serve to give a perfect service to its restaurants. In addition to this plane, born planes corresponding to each job, as masonry, plumbing, electricity and gas.

In this way, we will find a game of 5 plans: first, called the general or implantation and the other four, planes trades. All of them They must be made with the agreement of the investor and his technical team, allowing you to apply various estimates based on the same project.

Flat design / project of a restaurant kitchenWhen an investor does the opposite, that is to say, He asks several quotes for your project several suppliers, he is making a major mistake, as this is very difficult to profitable.

The reason is that receive various designs / budgets other than your kitchen, each one of those, It will be included equipment manufacturing or importing potential installers, not the teams that really need your business. Sometimes, too easy that this decision will raise the amount of the proposed design of the kitchen a 12% O 14% knowing that none of them is designed impartially and in a unique way to make profitable investment.

On the other hand we find the area of ​​preparations, which it is a fairly complex design point in professional kitchens. We must realize that many of these large kitchens, They will have to be able to perform double service, The à la carte restaurant and the catering for banquets.

When we talk about professional kitchens, They belong to bars and restaurants of all kinds. Sometimes it is even a hotel restaurant, or a farm specializing in events, with what it is quite possible that you have to work "big" to satisfy several different groups of diners at the same time.

How should the area of ​​preparations

You must have direct access to cold stores and through the products needed wagons will be delivered to the four areas of preparation. When the cameras and warehouses are located far from spicing and delivery, It must be included in the design and cameras “store day” nearby. The design of the area of ​​professional kitchens preparations should allow direct access to the "mise en place" to spicing and delivery area.

Should be separate preparation areas fish, by its peculiar odor and polluting, and should also design an area for independent preparation of potato, It generated by dirt. In some cases, It is being replaced peeling potatoes, by purchasing products 4th range, and peeled, reviewed and cut / sliced ​​libitum.

How should the area of ​​preparationsShould be separate preparation areas fish, by its peculiar odor and polluting, and should also design an area for independent preparation of potato, It generated by dirt. In some cases, It is being replaced peeling potatoes, by purchasing products 4th range, and peeled, reviewed and cut / sliced ​​libitum.

The cold room supplies food to the finished product chamber, the restaurant and catering service. To maintain temperatures of +/- 15 ° C zones and fourth cold preparations, They must be designed air conditioning equipment necessary, Y find a place strategically placed to fulfill its role.

Equipment needed for the area of ​​preparations

You have to weigh with great rigor each machine you want to include in the project, taking into account profitability, as production is concerned. As we stated in the previous chapter on Kitchen Design Professionals, and every kitchen need all machines, not all machines are designed to perform its function properly in any kitchen.

Equipment needed for the area of ​​preparationsUse the appropriate machinery in kitchen designs, It brings many benefits. You can read some of the most important:

  1. Cheapen the cost of labor
  2. Reduce production times
  3. Reduce the price of local, to enable us to design at least m2
  4. Optimize the flow of people and goods
  5. Improve the speed responses to customer

The cold rooms in restaurants

Depending on the specific needs of each professional kitchen, We can find exclusive chambers for frozen products, although a more common situation is a distribution of cameras vegetables, fish, meats, dairy products, frozen plus a thawing chamber.

In large installations and provided the investment permits, They must be mounted two chambers of frozen products to facilitate periodic cleaning. When only one camera is designed frozen, there are serious problems to keep all products cold when the cleaning chamber is produced, because you do not have any place at low temperature to leave food. Therefore a small additional cost justifies this duplicity perfectly and keeps all frozen food, at any time without breaking the cold chain.

camera is also installed and “store day”, next to the cooking area, in cases where the distance to the area justifies cameras.

Some projects may include a camera finished product, for catering management, thus fulfilling the version of cold kitchen which allows us to prepare food cooking area, folded and stored in chamber temperature until required to regenerate and emplatar.

A good idea is to design cameras so that the entry of goods to the refrigerating chamber either directly from the loading docks. The output of the perishable connect with the beginning of preparation areas and cold room, following the direction of "forward march of food"

And now here comes the second part of “A new way understand the design professional kitchens for restaurants”, dedicated to storage and product preparations catering establishments.

In the next chapters we will deepen the theme of cooking, emplatado delivery and also how they should be designed professional kitchens to carry out its function in the most economical way, fast, comfortable and hygienic as possible.

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