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essential ingredients to create a new menu in a restaurant


-"... I especially like the touch of cilantro with lime and presence that gives the tomato and burrata reposed the plate ... Let's try, move it…"

This is, many times, the first step and starting point of a new plate in a new menu of any restaurant. From now on, It starts a creative and technical machinery that differs greatly depending on the structure of the restaurant or restaurant group. And it's probably, only in this first point of inspiration, where both traditional cuisine and organized share the stage.

Watching others and see trends is something to which all, without exception, we are obliged and involved. Apply it to our concept and our way of doing things, our innovation process. Normally the stage of creating a new letter begins the moment you close the previous. That's when the R + d begin an internal and external survey has again, sometimes, a lot of math and some ingredients and daydreams.

But this is part of the successful restaurant concepts organized, controlling the millimeter each process and cost of the dishes later be cooked in our kitchens by thousands without being noticed in the final result. It's where items like engineering or menu escandallo reach their maximum importance.

From my opinion, for a new charter to be successful you have to work ordered, first creating Temporary schedules conseguibles mandatory and then assuming each department plays a key role. R & D should prospectar and prescribe new ideas, Operations should measure, control and mark thresholds Marketing costs and times and take advantage of the nature of the letter to pass it using their soul and essence.

Greater knowledge about what our customers want what we ourselves, reflected in the percentages of sales, in ratios of repetition and endless consumption variables that provide us with new management tools.

Combine the information we have, malearla with which we receive from outside and add a point of daring is the real challenge to get things done, controlled and profitable. And then touches form ...train all teams to understand each dish, conceptually, even in the ethereal. Involve them in the success of the new, the whole structure feels a part of that dish is yours, It is having a piece of every cook, Sales of each leader and each member of the brand.

They should know what brings each dish, origin of products and process. We need formal in value and respect each dish, so that when you serve on table close experience between all created.

The restoration has organized the challenge of working as a precision industry, low business process management and seeking to achieve results that are clearly much or more suggestive than traditional restoration.

Create a new letter is the showcase and the perfect excuse to show our customers and industry peers the way we do and understand things. You have to work with passion, mime and determination. Even in this changing context, We can not forget that our customers come to us, above all, to give them something good to eat ...

…"you know, I would have never imagined that a pizza could lead lime and were so so good and refreshing ... -The truth is that each new dish is yummy create ...!!”

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Director of Operations at LMssLM Group. Electronic Engineer. Puffed experience in team management, strategy and processes.


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