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Initiatives against food waste in restaurants


Awareness that the population has acquired on the need to protect the natural environment is a reality in many economic sectors and activities. One of the aspects of this environmental concern is the re-use of some resources among which we also find food.

More and more restaurants They posed how to manage waste food every night superfluity. In Spain, for example, the restaurants, catering services, cafeterias accumulate over 63.000 tons of leftover food throughout the year and mistakenly ending in trash.

Without going further, in this paper we have already published some articles about the use of leftovers in restaurants. We have the initiative Robert Lee, who created an NGO gathering leftovers from the kitchen of any restaurant in New York City, to give to people who really needed it.

A report of some years ago drafted by the FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, estimated, "Food losses represent a waste of resources and inputs used in the production, such as land, water and energy, uselessly increasing emissions of greenhouse gases'.

Actually in USA one in six people do not know if you can eat every day, while the hospitality sector melts every day 40% food producing.

As technology for sustainable food app

Among the strategies being developed to involve all segments of society actively and reduce food waste, new technologies are taking a very important role. By way of example include the initiative of an entrepreneur who lives in Boston, David Rodriguez.

The proposal of this young takes into account the problem of food waste as building a social sensitivity. The app FoodForAll It proposes to achieve sustainable food and develops three very logical principles.

First, wants help reduce the percentage of food They are wasted. He also wants to offer food of good restaurants at reduced prices (up to 80% cheaper) an audience as broad as possible and, by last, enjoy excellent menus while contributing to improve the efficiency of the food chain.

What does the app FOODForAll?

What makes this new app is to connect those who think that the leftover food from restaurants at the end of the day it is still less delicious; with those catering business conscientious in manage food que les han townhouse. a dual objective is achieved: enjoy cheap food and the use of several tons of food.

This application locates catering businesses closest to the user's location and It offers a list of dishes along with its price and time slot in which they are available to be picked up. The user chooses dish that you like those offered by restaurants and studies the order.

When the time of collection, the user shows in the restaurant ordering with the app generated and the cycle is complete: al reuse food It is reduced food waste; is saved because food is cheaper and so many people can enjoy some delicious dishes.

The development of this brilliant idea is still in a preliminary phase, It is a prototype, and seeks support from sponsors through collaborative platform Kickstarter. For the moment, They have brought together more than 50.000 Dollars, so the founders of the app are convinced that in cities like Boston o Nueva York, reuse food will soon become a reality.

The team of FOODForAll works in collaboration with the program of sustainable technologies and health at Harvard T.H Chan Center for Health and the Global Environment. One of the objectives of this institution It is "to train investors, entrepreneurs, governmental institutions and academics to create a balanced community with economic activity that creates jobs jobs while protecting the natural environment and our health '.

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