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Initiatives of English restaurants against the coronavirus pandemic


The coronavirus crisis has left the doors of English restaurants locked tight for many months. Although businesses can continue to operate, the rooms are not open and options pickup have been limited to neutral points and restricted hours that provide guarantees in public health matters.

Waiting for the restrictions decreed by the government of Boris Johnson to ease the coronavirus crisis and the pressure exerted by the pandemic on its health system is reduced, restaurants struggling to stay afloat have used innovation and creativity.

One of the ways they are getting more dynamic business is joining options home delivery food, a trend that grows worldwide.

Some restaurants are offering a pack of a menu accompanied by a bottle of select wine in their new delivery service. The package contains the client receives also an coupon redeemable for a free drink. This coupon can be delivered to the restaurant when the physical premises dedicated to the hotel industry reopen. Besides being all detail, They try to fix future business with this initiative: it is very likely that those to redeem their reward end up doing some drinking.

A home delivery options are also joined those of takeaway or collected in person. Not always allowed, schedule restrictions apply that prevent pick-up, but otherwise the English restaurants have been able to welcome them without problem. Many restaurants are operating right now relying solely on their digital business to delivery O takeaway.

It is the case of the Harlequin, which he has pulled marketing to publicize their service "A home harlequin", thanks to which offer traditional meals for two easy to reheat.

It is the only establishment that is pulling slogans improvised to reach citizens in quarantine. Passion Wine brings «Wine on wheels», a program in which bottles of wine chosen by customers approach them in Vespa to the Italian style.

On other occasions, need an extra push to the cloistered Internet users are encouraged to buy food online. A discount 25% in orders for delivery helps a lot. Bets like these are what cause business adoption off-premise be growing.

And when profit margins on items of the letter did not give quarter to such maneuvers, there is always the possibility of use home food delivery and store pickup at the same time.

Even so, orders Store Pickup have entered strongly in the British hotelier network, restaurants have changed their traditional mode of operation to offer the possibility of takeway collection points concerted.

Another categorically different way of dealing with coronavirus crisis is appropriating the powers of the grocery stores. Some citizens have preferred to completely do without restaurant services and turn only to supermarkets for their food needs. Others have been quick to loathe the monotony of the new normal., with its limitations to public gatherings, masks and social distancing, and seek relief in the variety of their daily menus.

For them, some restaurants are offering packages of fresh pasta to cook at home. The restaurant deserves a special mention Brat de Shoreditch, awarded a Michelin star, as it is working closely with farmers, farmers and wine growers during these difficult times. The primary sector devoted to food production is also suffering, since the hospitality is one of the main consumers. In order to help each other, the Brat restaurant is selling boxes of vegetables, delicatessen and select wines.

Charity and public engagement is another source of additional income that restaurants are exploiting in this new closure.. Some restaurants have gift cards for buyers to use later, when everything returns to normal. Its function is similar to that of a reservation, but It provides immediate liquidity to the business, very necessary at this moment. Burger King has invited customers to eat at McDonald’s and other restaurants in an emotional campaign to save the nation’s hospitality industry..

On the other hand financing campaigns crowdfunding or donations they are working swimmingly some local. GoFundMe is more usually the platform is chosen, for example, Lina Stores have benefited from this web for fundraising.

These are just some of the ways in which English restaurants mitigate the effects of the current closure, but they will certainly not be the only mitigation strategies. It has been proven time and again that the inventiveness of professionals is endless restaurants, so the duration of the pandemic see coronavirus, definitely, many other interesting initiatives.

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