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Innovation, the key lever to survive in the twenty-first century hostelry


As the saying goes, "there is no evil that lest a hundred years". For that reason, and despite the uncertainty that firms face today, do not forget that every crisis new opportunities. Hence the importance of innovation in hospitality, because its primary objective is discover expressed needs and generate new products and services that the market demands. The catering sector is constantly evolving and yesterday often does not work for tomorrow.

Develop technology and marketing actions are fundamental premises that every restaurant should keep in mind as successful companies will be those that manage to internalize these two factors as a key strategy in each of its business lines.

The value added in our restaurant through innovation

A good entrepreneur should always be alert to any changes occurring in the market, analyzing up find that business opportunity that makes you innovate and position. In no case it should be equated an economic crisis or a crisis in the industry for its strong competition, a crisis of ideas.

Now more than ever, achieve added value and be competitive It provides real differentiation in a market like this. In times of crisis it is vital not only maintained but to emphasize to highlight competition through the launch of leading products and new management approaches in their business models.

Precisely in this regard, innovation management uses the tools to acquire the prestige and position of any company in constantly changing market, whose demands change depending on the desires and needs of people.

Given the difficulties, it is no wonder that companies and investment decisions are challenged and face budget cuts. Nevertheless, do not be panic because businesses that are not able to reflect on their situation and seek innovative ideas that enable them to face new challenges and evolve, will not survive.

Examples of innovation in hospitality

I dare to predict that in the vast darkness that brings every crisis is where they arise the brightest ideas. In a large red ocean as is the food delivery has emerged juice Pizza, a string that uses robots and artificial intelligence to produce 372 pizzas when California serving all relying on Ubereats to make deliveries. Other business like it Momentum Machines that makes 400 hamburgers time without the need for a team of cooks.

Once established new business models and positioned in the market, i am just follow them optimizing costs and reduce the processing time and delivery service is now in record time 22 minutes.

We live in times of new businesses, in haste, from transformation of the world into the digital, which forces maintained in a constant evolution, definitely, vertigo times for businesses and restaurants: "Shrimp that falls asleep, it carries current". Open your eyes and look at how your competition is evolving, the answer may not have or on your street, or in your town, Maybe you can find fijándote in a global market and a click of a mouse.

About the Author

Doctor of Economics and Director of the Graduate School of the European University of Valencia. With extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative projects in companies and organizations. Under a competitive and innovative prism he has worked on creating new products and services, and more efficient ways to manage a business and make it profitable.


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