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Restaurants inspire Pinterest


The perception of Pinterest It has evolved in our country, especially in recent years. It has gone from being a social network perceived as eminently graphic and photographic accumulating interesting content, with a powerful inspirational component and a large number of users (users generally, although this is changing) who use it to find references, recipes, tutorials, travel guides, etc…

But nevertheless, Despite this turn for inspirational, It remains a social network photo: whole approach, design, structure and presentation, they are.

The image highlights on each interface, either via smartphone, tablet or computer, You capturing the attention and directing it towards what we want to share. Y in the world of catering we know that's a really important first step.

And how can leverage Pinterest restaurants?

Making a “nipper” formed by content e image. Not just any content, but a strategically focused, oriented our web (in the case of a restaurant, the call "Rule of Netiquette" of the 20% own publications 80% foreign publications, in my opinion it is superfluous) and also our target customer.

Nor is any image, but optimized and designed specifically for use here, in Pinterest has no place low-quality images or media taken with mobile phone sometimes users post on Facebook, Twitter the included Instagram.

This clip brings value to both parties; the user because it provides inspirational sense that you are looking to navigate the social network to get new ideas, Y the company because it positions itself as a source of inspiration, gaining the trust of your audience, and step brings traffic to the website that can retain and convert into sales.

This is all?

No, it is not all. This clip has three points, and yet we have spoken of one that is perhaps the most important: the motivation.

When a user enters a search that inspiration Pinterest, it is as a browser which aims to stand out from your circle of friends to find "Ideal that product". And when you find it, yours, It will be "the best" in the world, because there will be repined, apropiándoselo, and sharing in their social networks. And it is that Pinterest allows you to "stay" the things of others, Unlike other social networks like Facebook, Instagram o Twitter: that is much of its essence and possibly its characteristic differential.

Now, maybe, those are wondering: "So if my restaurant is open an account on Pinterest, uploads photos of their dishes and publishes a recipe I will fill customer?”. The answer is no, Pinterest will not make a service, product or inadequate location.

Pinterest is a great support for Content Marketing Strategy, based on the great power of attraction of quality food photography, with a coherent and orchestrated web development. It is also a powerful asset for improving social media presence, brand image and increase the visibility of a restaurant, is the type that is.

A strategy involving options allow you, if you execute properly, multiply the impacts of other parts of the same, attract customers who otherwise probably would not come to your establishment and improve your digital presence making it more complete.

There's also a detail that should not lose sight, And in all marketing strategies in social networks the company must Search user, study it and find the necessary levers to greater loyalty.

quoting Javier Gossende: "We find that hidden need a lot of our users, a way of thinking that will give us the keys to our publications generate more interaction and successful ".

This is useful on Pinterest, but it is not essential, because the user related to your type of meal or your style, ultimately your client, you will find only little you get in your way. Arrive interested, motivated and even a small (minimum) emotional bond with your brand, you become the best you can imagine prescriptor.

And it is that Pinterest is not an exclusive social network with other networks or strategies, simply, It is another style.

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