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Instagram expands its online reservation service thanks to a new agreement with Reserve


Social networking is one of the most powerful tools for restaurants. Thanks to them we can to publicize our local new customers, strengthen our corporate image and distinguish ourselves from other establishments emphasizing our distinguishing features.

There are many social networks and each covers a different niche. Facebook can promote a restaurant and streamline communications with customers, Twitter It is more suitable for issue notifications and news, TripAdvisor mix the capabilities of a web of reviews with the crowdsourcing contributions contributed by users and so typical of RRSS, and Instagram makes us salivate showing succulent and tasty dishes by artistic photographs.

Now, Instagram not only attract the attention of netizens with its magnificent snapshots of food, the postureo, social media marketing and reservations online They come together on this platform thanks to a collaboration between the media giant and Book now, specializes in online booking services.

Intended to provide the application with an online booking service it was first unveiled by Bloomberg in spring 2017. The move was intended to arm wrestle services like Yelp Y OpenTable, that hegemonize the market with its leading position. Among the forecasts the company was reach one million businesses (not only restoration) with this new service.

According James Quarles, responsible business app, He spent this way a simple marketing tool to virtual POS: “When someone reserves an appointment, That's not an 'I like’ or 'Continue', This is real action”.

Instagram already had a similar option, although less integrated into the heart of your code. Previously it was possible to have a backup link that could be configured from the options menu. This link appeared on the business page and redirecting traffic to an online booking system third whose election was in charge of responsible business.

A) Yes, many services struggled to provide quick booking interface, user-oriented, which would encourage positive reviews, Instagram according to the public and supports various payment methods existing online market. The service that offered the best conditions would enjoy an advantageous position to negotiate with Instagram.

There have been several vendors that has taken the upper hand. Reserve has been the latest to join. In a press release issued on the official website of the company in late February, It was made public the beginning of his business relationship with the social network.

As a connoisseur of catering industry and its ever-growing needs promotion, Reserve indicated that it was time to “share images invitingly food”, as marketing efforts on social networks are now translated into increased participation followers and turnover.

Among the characteristics that stands Reserve include the speed and efficiency when making online reservations. The integration allows base Instagram, for example, AutoComplete personal information on the booking forms, significantly reducing the time devoted to the user fill in the blanks with the information required.

On the other hand, You reserve for Instagram becomes one of the best tools for the analysis aimed restaurants. He statistical and data management module handles various fields that are of interest to those establishments with an eye on the new solutions of artificial intelligence and macrodata; namely:

  • Continuous monitoring of reserves.
  • Obtaining data about users.
  • Near real time transfer of information.

While it is true that the initial reception bodes drop services like OpenTable or Yelp, If there are already some indications that the launch has been successful. Reserve says reserves from Instagram surpassed only seen today by Google, lagging behind other giants as Facebook or Bing.

further, You can not forget that Instagram has other partners such as Losers, Tock Y Seven Rooms. The New York restaurant specializes in French cuisine luxury, Le Bernardin, and use the online booking system of social network. Cathy Sheary, director of strategic relations establishment, shared with Change Table satisfaction with the service: “We have detected not have the option Instagram caused us any problems, and we have not received negative feedback so we are happy to have him [booking button]if possible or easier for our audience to contact us”.

Although the percentage of business coming from Instagram is not a fact that has been shared, we must start from the basis that it is advisable to communicate with customers on the platform they have chosen to interactuate.

Even if the benefits provided by the social network presence were not noteworthy, always worthwile use the tool to promote the restaurant. Until more concrete data on the synergy between Instagram and providers are revealed online booking (Reserve included) should remain on the side of optimism.

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