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Instagram, the perfect marriage between social networks and hospitality


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus are some of the options that are presented to the hotelier to take advantage of social networks as its own communication channel. Above all is Instagram, designed almost as restorers for a thousand reasons. The main one is that Food image and married as a couple celebrating their diamond wedding. An idyllic marriage to everyone dreams.

Facts speak louder than words

The value of the image is such, which as indicated by a study Business2Community retain the 70% what we see, he 20% of what we read and only 10% what we hear. But the data that tips the balance in this image study vs. text is that we are able to assimilate the images 60.000 times faster than text. If we cross the conclusions of the analysis with the pros and cons of each social network, everything indicates that Instagram and Pinterest are designed by and for a world like hospitality, in which the image is vital.

While Pinterest It has more than one hundred million users, Instagram data showing muscle and are presumed to take. And is that in just five years (candles blew past 10 October 2015) They have managed to engage more of 400 millions of instagrammers, they have shared over 30 Photo trillion, with an average of 80 million images a day to which users have given close 2,5 I like trillion daily.

The perfect marriage between image and food, between Instagram and hospitality is glimpsed when studying concrete data. In the case of the social network created Kevin Systrom Y Mike Krieger, This connection is explained with the use of hashtags employed by users. The most commonly used which can be exploited by accounts of the gastronomic world are #food (186.047.842 image with this tag), #yummy (74.128.490) or the now famous #foodporn (84.610.593). These data are available on different websites, but the most recommended is Webstagram.

It look easy and simple to use but does allow people to "hook" to Instagram, so much so that he engagement which has the social network camera is 15 times that of Facebook and climbs 20 in relation to Twitter. Instagram surrounding communities are created with the same interests and allows you to meet people as well as make new friends, Or what is the same, attract customers. And all this with traffic 100% organic, as far Instagram advertising has not played that role as it does on Facebook or Twitter.

The world of apps for Instagram

Instagram never conforms, He is always trying things and looking for new tools to help exploit its full potential. The first was Hyperlapse, launched in August 2014 in collaboration with Microsoft and in order to enhance videos. With it you can video recording format timelapse, edit them and above all, minimize the pulse of the person who recorded noticeable. It is an essential tool, since the videos work very well in terms of engagement, They attract a lot of users.

In this line and seen the success of the videos, developed social network Boomerang, a fun way to generate video loop that seeks to compete with the phenomenon Vine, to the unstoppable momentum. Communicating and having fun yourself customer.

Among Hyperlapse and Boomerang, Instagram wanted to improve photo editing (beyond the continuous updates of filters) with Layout. With this app, users can create collages and compositions with different photos. this is helpful facing hospitality, since you can create a single image with the menu.

Other essential tools are the ones that let you repost, great to come and humanizing to the customer and create a "friendship".

Anatomy of a perfect post on Instagram for a restaurant

Data guide us and tell us that Instagram can be the social network perfect for hospitality for the reasons explained: the value of the image and the meaning of this in gastronomy. But like everything in life, you have to put it into practice.

When design the perfect post, first thing to consider is the quality of the image, and HD (important: Instagram itself uses 640×640 pixels) and well framed, following the rule of the three thirds. Once the image is selected and Step preferred by instagrammers: the choice of filter. Beyond #nofilter how well it works as hashtag, the most widely used even though they are constantly renewing are Mayfair, Rise, Valencia, Hefe o Nashville.

The choice of hashtag not always easy, Let's search, analyze and see which ones best represent the image. Although it seems simple, he hashtag is the foundation and the fundamental step to succeed on Instagram. Thanks to it become part of a community that will call one by one user to the restaurant bill.

It is word of mouth of the digital era. Next to the label, the last step you must never forget is the geolocation. Put where the restaurant nearby users will see the gastronomic offer and attract customers. Easy and simple, That's Instagram.

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