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“Instagram is the most recommended marketing network to influencers for restaurants”. Interview with Edita Bote and Beatriz Ruiz Gilabert, of Marvelcrowd


“El 85% Internet users continues to influencers through social networks, Y 65 % admits that influence their purchasing process”. This is one of the reasons why “influencers marketing is among the 10 trends to watch in 2018”, as they noted edit Bote Y Beatriz Ruiz Gilabert, from Marvelcrowd, during his presentation at the #teatrodigital coordinated by @diegocoquillat at # expohip2018, in which they addressed the issue of how networks work and influencers.

Marvelcrowd created fans and influencers networks that share content and live unique experiences. Hence invite anyone with a blog, or is active in social take advantage of their online influence and become part of the network of networks Marvelcrowd.

In other words, the opportunity to become a brandlover and monetize your blog and social networks.

Marvelcrowd has a network with more than 30.000 influencers one 22 countries and a Technological platform (fire Manic) with which manage and measure campaigns. Thus, help brands identify, Activate, manage and optimize these networks brandlovers to share their messages, create content, give them feedback on their products, attend events and participate in unique experiences.

At brands offer them:

  • Cost savings for identifying influencers prescribing products or services
  • WOM and increased visibility in social networks
  • Create community around the brand
  • Increase quality traffic to the web
  • High level of conversion: visits that result in sales, leads the downloads
  • Achieving objectives in marketing campaigns
  • Access to an international network
  • Campaigns in any market simultaneously and in record time

QUESTION: Which are the three keys that must have a restaurant or a brand to make a marketing campaign influencers?

ANSWER: To make a marketing campaign influencers, either a restaurant or a brand, the company should take the following steps:

  1. Objectives drawn. What you want? If it be known and create brand, or if it is to generate traffic to the restaurant ... the objective is primary.
  2. Then, decide budget who wants to allocate for the campaign.
  3. And the type of content you want to identify with your restaurant.

P: Is it expensive marketing campaign influencers?

R: It depends on the number of goals, the number of publications, the number of scopes you want to achieve. Campaigns can be made from 1.000 euro up 100 thousand euros.

P: A marketing campaign influencers, What social network is most recommended and why?

R: The most recommended is Instagram. Currently, Instagram network is more engagement of all. It has a very direct content and it is a quick content. The stories is a content that the 24 hours away, but genera more engagement with the audience.

P: How to make this engagement bring the brand conversion?

R: Especially giving the necessary information influence so that you can really represent the values ​​that the brand wants. It is very important to explain and convey the brand philosophy and Restaurant, in this case, so that it can sell in the best way possible and, especially, the influencer can also live the experience first hand.

P: The influencers campaign must be honest and natural. How it is done so that the consumer does not notice that you are paying an influencer to sell?

R: Here comes in our work, the choice of influencers. It is very important to know what the customer is looking for and what you expect, Y find those influencers that fit those values. Search profiles that are related to brands and you really feel interest and connection with that mark to transmit the message and get the best possible.

We would like you to give us your opinion and tell us what social network or networks prefer and recommend for a marketing campaign influencers for a restaurant. Because your opinion matters!

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