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“Instagram has been vital to the success of Instamaki”, Bonhomme interview Alberto Gómez, CEO in Spain


Bonhomme Alberto Gómez, CEO de Instamaki in Spain, considers that “he marketing we have done in the social networks, particularly Instagram, It is one of the keys to our success, coupled with the quality of food and service home“.

If it's Sunday, you fancy sushi but do not want to move the sofa, You can take advantage of @instamaki_ #domingoloco, Instagram that promotes free postage. O, Yes it's monday, You can choose to participate in one of their games and receive 5 Euro gift for you to use in an order that day.

This is just part of their digital management and the way the brand interacts with its 60 thousand followers on Instagram, achieving, He explains, a actual conversion.

We spoke to Alberto Bonhomme under #ExpoHip18, where he gave a presentation at the #TeatroDigital who led Diego Coquillat and this newspaper talked to him about what has caused this brand has become a success in social networks, especially Instagram.

“We are the best Japanese home, we give much weight to fully understand what values ​​our customer. We seek to take your sushi monkey midweek at home”, points. for Instamaki, is very important innovation and delivery time, as core factors in its delivery. They are in Madrid, Barcelona, Esplugues, Hospitalet, Sant Just and Sant Cugat.

QUESTION: Instamaki is not a traditional restaurant. How would you describe?

ANSWER: We are a restaurant online, It is serving at home and does not accept physical visits.

P: Can you share three key elements of the success of Instamaki?

R: Food, especially service (service control and overall experience combining all), and we have done marketing in social networks.

P: Does the digital management in social networks is a priority for you? Why?

R: Yes, because at the end It is the part we have to contact our customer, and we do not accept people physically in our kitchens; the part we have to contact them are social networks. Digital is very important, sharing all that information.

P: Social networks, What are the most You use? What priorizas?

R: The most powerful is Instagram because it is the end which we generate more traffic and more interaction is where we. It is easier to contact people, send public and private messages, share with friends. For us it has been vital to our growth.

P: How was your progression in Instagram?

R: rather exponential. We started a little over a year and have already 60 thousand reais followers.

If successful conversion

P: How they translate these followers actual customers?

R: That moves it, for example, Monday promotions started making some rare and distinct, with a game like alphabet soup or pasapalabra, you must give the game a photo, fill it, and send. In return we give 5 euros free to ask. And we have every Monday between 300 and a thousand answers, which then become involved orders, because you can only ask for that day.

It’s sushi time || @nuriaoliu

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P: entoces, You have managed to make a conversion…

R: Yes, exactly. A success for our company.

P: Where is the secret?

R: from Instamaki, we are changing the way people receive food at home. We are dedicated exclusively to customer calls from home, sizing our operations processes and thinking about your satisfaction, offering quality superior to that of a traditional restaurant with home delivery price.

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