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Instagram for restaurants: 5 restaurants offering free meals in exchange for promotional activities by Instagram


Instagram, the popular social network that rewards the most striking snapshots and, It has become the most successful social network when making a successful campaign marketing for restaurants.

There is no passing fad, Currently Instagram He has left behind all competitors, becoming the second most important social platform worldwide, after explosive growth during 2017 that has left only a few million users behind Facebook.

This second position must not be misleading.

Although both meeting points have massive amounts of users, the reality is that the reputation of the website created by Mark Zuckerberg It is at ground. During 2018 several massive exoduses of users have taken place, and since the details were known Analytica Cambridge scandal, who see ads exercise extreme caution, which is explained by the deep distrust of the service. In consecuense, any advertising effort is called into question and the effect is strongly reduced.

Far from being a subjective perception, This has been quantitatively demonstrated through the report 2018 Infinite Dial Report de Edison Research and Triton Digital. For the first time in history, size contracted Facebook.

Which until now was the quintessential social network has reached maturity with certain ailments, and now teeters. Conversely, the situation Instagram is booming: growth upward, easily digestible engaged communities and content. An enviable situation that has led to its Current growth 13.1%, and ensuring steady growth of at least 4% year until 2022.

For restaurants, Instagram It is the perfect showcase, you just have to let the food speak for itself. But to get the most out of the network must rely on experts prowling her. This group are the instagrammers, influencers specialized in this network and amass huge number of followers with very specific interests.

Restoration businesses have been quick to realize the enormous potential of collaborations with these professionals. Nothing weird. Currently he 75% uses brands marketing from influencers, and a 60% brands plan to increase their investment in this type of advertising online next year.

Despite the patent promise, Not all that glitters is gold. When promotional actions by Instagram is necessary to consider the following:

  • The influencers specialized in restoration or gastronomy represent themselves. This assumes that the deal between the owner or person responsible for marketing the restaurant and instagrammer It is done one on one. At the same time, This methodology involves extensive meetings, personal care, personal restrictions and other obstacles. On the other hand, expenditures often remain below the expected. This situation will not last long, because we have already witnessed how other niches in the influencers most successful have ended up being represented by managers professionals or agencies.
  • Meet legal obligations on advertising. We must understand that a large number of influencers They reach their position his passion for food, the photograph, new technologies or trends. A) Yes, and since no specific training is not required, experts in the network age, ethical and disparate knowledge. It is not a good idea to leave to the influence legal aspects, since an error on their part can evolve into dire consequences for the brand.
  • The number of followers is not all that matters. The company looking for a instagrammer for their actions marketing for restaurants in this network should not blindly guided by this figure, This may be artificially inflated by false accounts or boats. Is much better investigate the involvement of the community, content relevance and whether interactions received legitimately obtained.
  • Create credibility, attract new customers, increase the audience and booking more creating a lasting and close relationship with influence.

It is clear that quality services will not be cheap, and also there will always be an implicit risk. To reduce costs and problems, some restaurants have resorted to payments in kind: a free meal in exchange for promotional activities in Instagram. The following five restaurants are notorious cases of success.

The Picture House en Londres (United Kingdom)

The Picture House restaurant became famous hand The Daily Dot, a British online newspaper Life & Style, for being the first restaurant to offer free meals in exchange for publishing photos of Instagram. further, advertising campaign online from 2014 He was open to the public, because it was really a collaboration with a manufacturer's brand of precooked foods, Birds Eye.

The success of The Picture House, thanks to its business vision soon became a restaurant chain with multiple locations in England, precedents laid for what would come in the future.

El Fress de Northern Quarter, Manchester (United Kingdom)

Jen Hargreaves, cofounder of restaurant Fress, He has learned the value Instagram involved for a small local establishment thanks to trial and error. Instagram has found great opportunities, but also people who have taken advantage of their goodwill and desire to grow your business.

Currently still using the social network to maintain a presence online strong, but choose carefully who collaborates, because following his teachings, everything has to do with consistency. Let's search instagrammers what, though small, have fanatical followers and with very specific tastes, in line with business products.

Your local is adapted to famous visitors find there a magnificent photo studio: diaphanous halls, luminous spaces, light colored walls and designer dishes. A paradise for instagrammers.


Springbone Kitchen en Manhattan (NY, OF. UU.)

For the cofounders of this local New York, Instagram was a surprise. And a very positive! Jordan Feldman y Sam Eckstein, the creators of this gastronomic space, They began to see an increase in the influx of diners. puzzled, They set to work to find out what was going on.

Finally they managed to find the source. A little foodie the area had posted some photos on Instagram, and although this person was not famous, his entry was taken into account by a reputed instagrammer the environment, what raised to new heights the interest in local Jordan and Sam.

Since then, owners work closely with different personalities of the platform to enhance its marketing in social networks, is now the main method of your advertising efforts online.

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This Is Not A Sushi Bar de Milán (Italy)

This Is Not a Sushi Bar is the latest restaurant to join the trend in exchange for a free meal boost of relevance in Instagram.

For Japanese food this establishment, any internet personality who is at least 100 000 Instagram followers can eat for free at the local.

Cizia Incorvaia It has been one of the first people to benefit from this campaign. With 200 000 followers, young blogger fashion enjoyed the food, and later He published a photo album which reached publicizing a local 40 000 interactions soon. Something that certainly had an effect not inconsiderable.

Dipped Donuts de Toronto (Canada)

Finding the right people for promotional actions Instagram people is not always a simple matter. Grover felt so Jiten, who was worried locate foodies area with a passion for baking and with a mass of followers enough to create trend.

Finally he decided not to invest hours tracking Internet that are often needed to find the right person and make sure that the campaign is successful. Instead of that, He decided to register Node App, a mobile app which it serves as a meeting point for food and catering business and instagrammers relevant.

The first actions carried out with this new platform have brought new customers, corporate account Instagram has grown like wildfire, and could not be more pleased, because everything that has cost was half its tasty donuts tray.

Instagram is positioned as one of the most important social networks for the coming years, and it is at this moment when restaurants should take the plunge and start defending their space on the platform.

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