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Instagram photographs allow you to read through artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence It applied in social networking is a field of study that is giving early fruits. I recently tried the case of Facebook, in the center of technological development had been achieved IA-based tool able to identify a plate and generate a recipe automatically from a single image.

Now, is Instagram who surprises us with a similar system, albeit with a much more social approach. Remember that the social network is owned by Facebook, so it is not unreasonable that all these different applications are part of a joint effort to bring better tools to users of both networks.

Instagram He has surprised all and strangers with system capable of describing a photograph, In addition to listing the objects. Performing on the show from press center show a dirt road in nature with some yellow asteráceas and a magnificent blue sky. The artificial intelligence system converts this image into a single text: "A walking path lined with sunflowers on a nice day".

In the original publication discussed: "We will introduce automatic alternative text so that they can listen to descriptions of the photos through your screen reader when you wear eyelashes “News”, “To explore” Y “Profile”. This function uses object recognition technology to generate a description of the photos to screen readers so you can listen to a list of items that might contain pictures while browsing the application ".

The idea behind this is to offer a set of users who are systematically ignored facilities, those who have lost total vision or partially.

Compared to other social networks that rely more on written or multimedia content, as may be Reddit, Twitter O Facebook, Instagram all communications are eminently visual, and so it makes sense that this kind of inclusive development appear here, because that is where the greatest effect can be achieved.

We must remember, however, that 285 million people worldwide have severe vision problems that affect their daily lives. If we also consider that Instagram reached the 1000 million users in June last year, it is evident that several million people could benefit from this technology object recognition.

But, What about restaurants? How can this sector establishments use this technology to their advantage? There are several possibilities.

The use of image recognition technology in restaurants

The first of these is obvious. By incorporating such systems Instagram have the possibility of draw the attention of collective unchartered. Consumers who have lost vision usually show great loyalty to those businesses who care about making life easier.

Especially in large cities, where people without vision that lacks good opportunities to eat outside the home can form a significant percentage of local business, worth taking into consideration some other tips to make the experience as pleasant customer is blind as possible. Namely:

  • Prolonging talks. It is important that the service continue talking after the restaurant welcomed. If there are assigned tables is appropriate for the service at all times maintain communication.
  • Do not take the stick or interact with the service dog. Sometimes we may be tempted to take the baton to leave it in an umbrella stand or rack, but this is not an appropriate way to proceed, the visually impaired person needs to have at all times his scoring tool. We must also remember that dogs are focused on their work, we must prevent distracted from the tasks for which they have been trained.
  • Avoid excessive condescension, because such behavior causes friction. Some blind people have shown their displeasure when the service camaraderie has offered to cut food. These people are fully capable of doing. It is better not molest aid, if the individual is in a jam will request the attention of service.
  • Talk directly to the blind customer if accompanied. Deafness is not a disorder sole accompanied by blindness, should not be assumed disabilities that do not exist. It is extremely impolite to the accompanying addressed to inquire about the order or blind customer needs.
  • If there is not Braille text menus and the guest is only, You want to be read or be recommended. When they accompanied, These people tend to rely on his table.
  • Tables and avoid obstructions in hallways. The objects found in unexpected places can cause accidents when the person can not navigate using local vision.

It is not the only possibility that image recognition technology brings. Another capability of technology is the improved communication when there are language barriers between the diner and the restaurant staff.

Currently they proliferate in restaurants with great flow of international tourists bilingual letters or illustrated. The technology that we are interested in this case has the ability to integrate as app mobile I can generating a description in the language of the dishes on the menu are illustrated.

Imagine a Japanese tourist who brings his mobile, It takes a picture of the letter and read on the screen of your mobile terminal's kanji describing what's on that plate, so you can get a better idea before ordering. A app this is one or two years time, and greatly improve the experience of foreign consumers who visit our local. At the same time, This is expected to have a positive impact on reputation online restaurants.

Object recognition can give multiple other synergies, however it is difficult to foresee when the reality is that this technology is still in its infancy. In any case, to explore the possibilities, there is nothing better than fiddling with applications coming to market, and Instagram is a perfect testing ground. Animaos to investigate.

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