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Instagram power your choices for restaurants with new tools and training


Instagram I had never been so necessary for restaurants. Since in 2016 began to grow explosively in number of users, businesses in the sector have not taken his eyes off, finally deciding to participate in the social network.

All that is needed is a plate with good presentation. And it is quite true that some ogle. A good hand when emplatar, must be added a new trend that is gaining momentum lately, This is the Instagram stages O scenarios for Instagram, well-lit corners, diaphanous and properly acclimated seeking to extol the qualities of the dish and local that is being promoted.

To take full advantage of the social network using digital marketing, They have come to teach about the best ways to attract customers and increase the volume of business using the famous platform. It may seem fanciful, but last 30 in August International Culinary Center (ICC) de Broadway (NY, OF. UU.), the head of product marketing Instagram Business Platform, Mike Bronfin, He showed attendees how to increase profits using local social network.

The main events of the meeting were beginning courses explaining how to transmit the passion for food through the network and how to value the advantages Instagram, advanced courses with specialized advice, the practical workshop in which the stories of the platform as a tool for digital marketing and panels exemplified several success stories were used, specific those of Union Square Restaurant Group, Tacocina and Marta; as well as those of The Meatball Shop Y Seamores.

In any case, and as was already mentioned at the beginning, images are those that speak in instagram. That is why the entities behind the ICC; this is, the Culinary Institute of America and the Institute of Culinary Education, offer courses and professional photography style food. US companies are not alien to the importance of such developments and therefore places were sold out in two hours. Fortunately, and due to popular demand, You can be accessed even so online the material used during classes.

The interest is rooted in the social network data. According to one Bronfin 40% of users Instagram visit at least once a day profile of a business. Which in absolute terms is neither more nor less than 200 million visits. A volume of traffic that is not possible to neglect when working in such a competitive sector is the restoration.

Best of all is the so-called flywheel effect (nomenclature courtesy of Bronfin) which means that two-thirds of visits received by business profiles refer to non-followers; that is to say, even without promotional activities the profile is not static, but receives traffic through related content, organic searches and labels Located on third-party publications.

Far from suffering any slowdown, It is expected to continue growing Instagram, strengthening the platform in the second position among social networks with the largest user, and closing the gap each year to its direct rival: Facebook.

So that, not incur any risk to open and maintain a profile on Instagram. Businesses that have not yet been registered in the social network is still time to jump on the bandwagon and use the new tools that the directive is spurring.

The question is: How can you ensure the restorer their share of the pie in Instagram? Aside from using professional photography and receive training in matters of style, should know the functioning of the application. For example, Many restaurants use popular tags for parasitize the interest they present.

Instagram stories, a model copied ad nauseam by competitors, allow model the brand image of the establishment owner's taste. Some of the templates most commonly used for these stories are perspectives on how the underside of the public works business, as well as campaigns that encourage the action of the Internet. One third of the stories manages to generate direct messages potential consumers. This is perfect for smaller businesses, although larger prefer facilitate access to its own website with just one finger gesture on the screen.

Instagram It can be used for gain valuable market data. The stories also let you survey. they, users vote one or more of the selectable options. In addition to customize services to meet the preferences of a community, customers feel more valued, attended and involved.

Of course these tips are just the icing on the cake. More experienced users personalities and client loyalty bloggers to maximize the distribution of its publications. Other contests spur participation. He copywritting professional, in harmony with the target demographics and to the point, also it has its advantages. Instagram API allows the development of tools and add-ons third that convert digital marketing in the social network in a much simpler task, for example, automate the publication of content and making sure it reaches the most interested followers. And above all, most importantly of all, it brings a touch of originality to all activity that takes place on the web and sprinkle own identity on it.

In short, this is what you need to succeed in Instagram:

  • Create a profile. Although competition is fierce, the platform has very good growth forecasts, so there's still time to take performance to the platform.
  • Using photography and professional style. You must show you as an authority in your office, and this can not be achieved by ignoring the results compromising details. Should receive vocational training.
  • Know the basic tools offered by the network: labels, stories, surveys, links and messaging.
  • Using the advanced thinking outside resources preset frames to achieve a competitive advantage over other rival businesses.

If after reading this post you decide to explore Instagram, We wish you good luck. Hopefully soon you're sharing with us your success story.

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