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Instagram pages boost restaurants to fight Google My Business


Instagram still drinking from the business experience of Facebook. The social network iconographic, now owned Mark Zuckerberg, He began to test the waters with commercial services during 2018.

One of the first utilities that appeared on this front was the integrated backup button in the application. Thanks to him Instagram was introduced into the world of online sales, serving restaurants and shows. Now you can even buy takeaway delivery or through photographs as explained in Article “How to create a home delivery service for restaurants via Instagram Shopping”

Now the platform takes another step forward. Although it is kept secret, an expert on social network, Raj Nijjer, He found that tests are being conducted to provide web profiles in the style Google My Business.

The functioning of these windows will be similar to the alternatives already known: the company will have a designated place good visibility that will allow you to maintain a strong digital presence while informing the consumer aspects of interest also include schedules, prices, establishment situation and issues like that.

Instagram is experiencing very strong growth in recent years and is expected early in the next decade exceeds the scope of Facebook. For this reason, specialized in marketing for restaurants analysts advise that homeowners rush to dominate the network and establish their little fiefdom there, from which they can already Loyalty perform actions and promotion of its services.

At the moment this pilot project is only available in the US. THE. The existence of two types of user accounts (personal and business) It is likely to cause technical problems, therefore those responsible are taking all necessary measures so that once it launches to the public novelty, this does not cause inconvenience among regular users.

The news comes shortly after the results of a survey on the habits of SevenRooms consumer choice when deciding to be revealed by a restaurant. Report highlights a 30% uses people as aggregators reviews Google My Business, Yelp O TripAdvisor to discover new restaurants, while a higher percentage than 55% considers eat in an unfamiliar setting when you get the same information through their social networks organically.

This highlights the importance of a strong digital presence on social networks has become suitable for restaurant. According to a press TripAdvisor It launched a few months ago, a business account with a number of real reviews energizes the number of virtual interactions with that business. And these interactions are then converted into sales if the profile of the restaurant is really convincing.

If the test is developed safely Instagram, in just a few months we could be looking at a whole new field of digital marketing within the famous social network.

At the moment they were not disclosed the views of any of the businesses that are involved in the beta, but if the path Facebook serves as a reference, no doubt it is of great help for professionals in the hospitality and catering.

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