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Stories Instagram and the holy grail of hospitality


a year ago Instagram Stories appeared almost out of nowhere, in cross Mark Zuckerberg against Snapchat. What seemed at first a social network for young audiences and has become tool company that is impossible to refuse. History stories with the world instagramer It has been a real crush the purest Hollywood style, in which love triumphs from beginning to end.

The hospitality is a constantly evolving world, where yesterday has little or nothing to do with tomorrow. This so fleeting temporality makes strategies have to be short - medium term, especially in the field of Social Media. But if anything was learned from the legendary series lost It is to be maintained constant. Since two years ago, all social networking strategy of any hotelier should be based on Instagram, around which to grow its presence in the other profiles.

Since Kevin Systrom Y Mike Krieger Instagram creasen the 6 October 2010 and include in the App Store, phones have as wallpaper from Michelin star dishes to burgers, under which they could read the famous hashtag #food #foodies #foodporn. Gradually he grew into the giant it is today, but You can dial in red 2 August 2016 as another of his key dates. D-Day and H time when Instagram came Stories.

Human Being and Time

It is well known that the human being has a score over time. All, absolutely all it measured in time. Hence the need arises Instagram Stories, because if you blink you miss it. Photo only hangs for 24 hours, which generates a buzz among followers. What will be uploaded? How many people will have seen? are the most common questions among those already more of 250 million active users (ASSETS!) daily.

If you consider that you are 400 the millions of active users, It means that more than half not only see the fixed post, but do not lose eye to the world stories. Among Spanish users you can go even further in market stories Spain is a 150% higher than the second biggest stories ago, that is to say, We are the great leader of the stories.

the maelstrom instagramer It has attracted companies, so much so that in the United States and the 48,8% companies have social network profile and it is expected to end of the year is reached 70% (so it would overtake Twitter).

Impossible to say no to a story

In these 7 years Instagram has become the backbone of social networking strategies (and especially in the world of hospitality) own cause. It is designed for everything a foodie you may wish, see a photo and a video to salivate, book and buy that product both caught your attention, etc. He enganchón It is such that firms use this social network average 4,9 times a week. That is to say, what It is published in the 70% of the days.

These data must be added the stories, that they seem designed for the hotel like a suit for a wedding they were. Instagram Stories to connect with the audience in a special way, different from post standard. The stories make the follower more participant sits day to day brand. One of the main uses, and further engage the reader, It is the fact of seeing the guts of the company. Show people working, the whole process there until the product or dish reaches the consumer's table.

Another reason why Instagram Stories will ring finger hospitality is immediacy. A common use is to show that allows customers the daily menu in a different way. Gone are the days when a sheet pasted on the window or door of the restaurant enough, or a few unsightly photos on any social network. As the photo / video upload it remains for 24 hours, the next day's menu can attract more customers, a graphical and easily.

In 2017 live glued to the phone, notifications and social networks. It is one more reason to take advantage of the stories in hospitality. Draw attention by contests and promotions express It allows the follower is pending in your account, who gets in your profile and see your stories. Community involvement is created and your audience is enhanced by a new fast and effective channel.

By last, social networks are to be used, care for and study what works well and what does not. Thereto Instagram Stories It will include a factor to consider. As history can only be seen in the following 24 hours, you can experiment and be more creative. Definitely, It is "more fun".

About the Author

Journalist because of Julio Ruiz and Disco Grande de RNE3. After passing through cultural programs in Onda Madrid and AS Journal, way to my first five years in the sector gastronomic communication, with a special eye on the use of social networks and gourmet restaurants. Rock & Goal as a lifestyle.



  1. The essence of social networking is generating traffic to the website of the restaurant where the user is a click conversion is reservation or advance purchase. While Instagram does not have a book on every post or stories each button is not effective in this regard. It's more, is the death of the concept of hyper link is at the heart of Internet, It is a blind network where the impact lasts only a few seconds. It has much more to do with advertising than with marketing online. For me it is a very dangerous giant slot for the hotelier. Penetration has makes it impossible to disregard, but then to consider this network as the center of the universe there is a very big stretch

    • Pierre Thank you for your comment, I share with you that Instagram has not yet incorporated the transmission of digital content to face customer in the restaurant itself, but I anticipate that in a few months we will see how through the stories you can make the reservation directly into the restaurant itself, as it does and Snapchat, it's just a matter of time.

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