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Instagram and can book restaurants EE. THE. and UK


Instagram was during 2017 one of the fastest growing social networks. Only in the period from April to September the number of profiles created increased more of 100 millions. The success of the platform lies in the simplicity of operation and the showiness of contributions made by users.

For digital business, has become one of the main references in social media marketing, just behind Facebook, whose career is much more extensive and also now faces stagnation, the loss of users who have become disenchanted with the web, as well as the legal obstacles and media frenzy in which the giant is involved today.

Good knowledge of their own situation, Instagram is taking giant steps to move from a business model that did not work to one that will.

Proof of greater interest is raising the social network lately in commercial areas is the inclusion of purchase labels. These labels are currently only available for lucky few what, by including them in their publications, they can report the item price and link your site e-commerce to try to close a sale. If the transaction concludes successfully, Instagram receives a percentage the total amount, in a system that largely resembles the referral marketing.

But, definitely, the most interesting tool is the inclusion of a system of buying and reservation has surreptitiously appeared on page. He was expected, but it clearly was not known at what time would be available. further, as an additional surprise, integrates a payment system hosted directly on the code of the web.

Equally limited way, as it expected in the previous tests that ensure that everything runs smoothly, Native payment system allows social media marketing through to become trade. Moving very productive compared to what was done so far within the platform.

Losers, online reservation system for restaurants, It is one of the first companies that are experiencing the business opportunities involved in the new payment procedure.

At the moment, only US users. THE. and part of UK can see this feature. But global availability is imminent once completed the final tests.

Native payment system that is integrated into the platform follow the same guidelines as Facebook Payments so Instagram, to remember is now owned by Mark Zuckerberg, unexpected bugs will not suffer during the first weeks, It is having been subjected code million operations previously.

The inclusion of this innovation will dispensable trade agreements that the social network had with virtual stores like BigCommerce Y Shopify. It will also be greater independence from the web, being able to control all the details of transactions now. As well It will be impacted positively the company accounts and tax liabilities.

Aunque sin lugar a dudas el aspecto más importante de este cambio en la plataforma es el aumento de la retención de los usuarios. Es bien sabido que un internauta que dedica más tiempo a recorrer una página tiene mayores probabilidades de emplear los recursos que en esta se exponen. Cuando por fin desaparezcan los vínculos externos y otros elementos disruptivos en la web, los beneficios de Instagram aumentarán notablemente.

Mientras el sistema de pago nativo se lanza a nivel internacional, los vendedores que quieran sacarle el mayor provecho a la red social pueden continuar usando las etiquetas de siempre y los enlaces.

Y aquellos restauradores que nunca se han preocupado de exprimir el marketing en redes sociales para aumentar el número de reservas online para su restaurante pueden empezar a sacar sus mejores instantáneas. Es bien sabido que algunos comen con los ojos, e Instagram es el mejor lugar para lanzar un cebo visual a esta clientela.

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