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INTO, App that lets you eat free at restaurants if you're famous in social networks


Actors, Models, athletes, bloggers and all kinds of celebrities can dine in various corners of Sydney or Munich completely free of charge in exchange for posting on social networks

How would you like a coffee, go to the gym, haircut and, as colophon, Staying at one of the best hotels in Australia? Surely, preguntarías the price first and then would decide. But… What if all this should cost you not a single euro? You think it's a joke.

For it is absolutely true, although I must say that these bargains are directed to a small part of the population, so that if your name is unknown and you have thousands of followers on your Instagram profile, Facebook or Twitter can not belong to INTO. And the main purpose of this application is to promote those businesses who wish using the image of famous people such claim.

The rise of an unknown application for most of the world's population

Definitely, This is a unique opportunity for local companies to gain a foothold in the market and increase profits; but first it has to face some expenses. This is, establishments such as cafes, bares, restaurants, Beauty salons, gyms, spas or hotels, Besides offering “present” -burgers, refreshments, Beauty treatments…-, They have to pay monthly fee $49 to appear in the application. Another drawback is that, as pointed out by the website INTO, It is not required users to upload their visits to social media.

Nevertheless, itself is customary to do so approximately 600 Sydneysiders subscribed to INTO. A figure which increases at times and exceeds the initial expectations, Such is the success Harvested arrival is expected to other major cities as Tokyo, NY, London and Paris.

The ideologue of the application, Lucas Foertsch, reveals that “businesses benefit so trying by all means to grow their followers on social media”. The agencies, of which necessarily it has to be part anyone who wants to belong to INTO, Nor can complain because “Following this practice they are associated with the highly talented, what translates into more applications and more jobs for them“.

How to Join INTO

INTO It defined itself as “a friend helping”, although it should be added that only some. They are privileged because we saw that the download is not available to everyone. Despite being completely free it must make a prior request on your website, in the best case, receive an invitation to use the app. The process for selecting members of this exclusive community is not at all easy as highlighted foer sealed in so far as “potential users are filtered based on their coverage of social media and message promoting their internet accounts”.

5 Australian businesses that succeed with this app

Disembarking INTO Sydney came last November, more than enough time draw the first conclusions as regards establishments as it is clear that makers enjoy the advantages offered by the application are delighted. Then, 5 establishments have increased their market share in recent months:

1. Three Williams. Also known as The Three Williams Cafe, It is not only specialized in the drink but is characterized by serving dishes like smoked salmon, scrambled eggs or spicy beans. Located in Redfern, south of Sydney, You can boast of being one of the most generous establishments with users INTO as It offers up 25 dollar discount on meals. Toby Laccarino, your owner, ensures that Many customers who come to your local are attracted by the publicity of it is through the application.

2. Glow Bar. It is a tanning salon located in the heart of Bondi Beach and whose motto would be something like “Your happiness is our success”. Your customers qualify it as a surprising and rewarding experience as the staff pays attention to the smallest detail so that everything goes perfect: custom colors, Modern application techniques, brands suitable for every skin type… Johanna Robin unconditional fan of declaring INTO and he has not hesitated to go Glow Bar to enjoy a free tanning session before the arrival of summer.

3. Journeyman Cafe´s. As is the case with The Three Williams Cafe, their description coincides with a restaurant with a cafeteria while produces a variety of recipes: range eggs on toast, fruit salad, corn puree and croquettes are just some of them. hot drinks and cold drinks complete a menu designed especially for vegetarians or vegans in which gluten-free products are also an option. Journeyman It offers by INTO Special discounts and free coffee menu.

4. Peninsula Hot Springs. A 90 minutes from Melbourne is the natural center Peninsula Hot Springs, a spa where luxury and relaxation go hand in hand. Do not miss the sauna, Turkish bath, massage showers, cold water pools and even as high pool that provides a view of swimmers 360 degrees in the region. Application users have the privilege to access free of charge to this little paradise.

5. Me Skin and Body. Close to Melbourne this beauty center is situated, specifically in South Yarra. It is distinguished by making available to its customers the most advanced treatments and products market. The results are guaranteed thanks to a team that is still being formed and inquiring daily About Business, products and services.

further, It enjoys great prestige among members INTO because of their variety on offer: waxing body parts, manicure, pedicure, massages, Eyebrow coloring, facial treatments and even tanning spray.

It seems that through strategies known as “influencers” They are fashionable in digital environments, and so more and more companies that are committed to investing in these channels in order to achieve relevance and customers for their business.

These are just 5 examples of businesses that use INTO to become known in the media and, by extension, increase word of mouth advertising. The Ritualist, My Escape Spa and Salon, About Life, The Bronze Snake Shop Y Lash & Brow Boudoir, among many others, also they are looking to expand thanks to this application. When will an app like this in Spain?

About the Author

He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.



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