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Personal greenhouses, the latest invention of an Amsterdam restaurant to ensure the safety of its customers


Every passing day uncertainty about how and how restaurants should open to comply with the measures that the authorities require in the different phases of this confusing process.

After more than 50 days of strict confinement, the different responsible organizations have not been able to design and communicate a specific plan that allows companies in the hospitality sector to make decisions in a scenario of relative certainty, which causes that in this sea of ​​doubts and confusions in which we navigate, external solutions of all kinds appear.

This is the case of an Amsterdam restaurant that is experimenting with a novel way to comply, both with the distancing, like isolating your customers, through a cabin in the style of a personal greenhouse where customers can enjoy their dinner, in a small glass cage.

Its about vegan restaurant Mediamatic FOOD, located in the Oosterdok district of Amsterdam, what has designed closed glass structures, very similar to small greenhouses, where each space is equipped with a table for two or three diners.

“This was one of the most feasible ideas from a long list we made when we sat down as a team to share a brainstorming session” says one of the founders of this restaurant.

Although the restaurant is not currently open, for the measures of the Dutch authorities against the Covid19, and It is feasible to make reservations through the Internet for the last week of May and the entire month of June, but it seems, and according to sources from the restaurant itself, everything is already reserved.

The company already has other larger and even family greenhouses, but at this time they prefer to be cautious and comply with the rules in a strict way to avoid possible virus infections.

It seems, what greenhouse-shaped, with partitions, or with any other material, everything makes us think that the physical separation between diners can be an alternative to be determined in these first hours of the return to the new new normality.

I trust that the sector, who already has experience in absurd architectural investments in other times, that involved significant expenses, and later it was shown that they had no justification or utility, this time be more cautious and prudent in the implementation of this type of measures.

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