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Jamie Oliver offers food and shelter to victims of the fire at the Grenfell Tower of London


Last Wednesday 14 June in London's Kensington, just before one o'clock, from an electrical fault caused a fridge fire in Grenfell tower that was absolutely devastating, up 80 dead for the moment and hundreds of families affected by damage.

Nevertheless, amidst all this disaster, a ray of light in the form of solidarity actions helps us to see clearly the way. And is that, as we have on other occasions, the restaurants usually the first to pitch in to help the needy.

An example of this was the British Chef Jamie Oliver, the first of many restaurateurs in London They have offered to provide assistance to those affected by the fire in the tower Grenfell. It has opened the doors of his Italian restaurant, he Shepherd’s Bush, which it is less than 3 km Fire.

Other celebrities followed suit Jamie Oliver

Shortly after the fire started, was the chef himself who published in Instagram a photo of the burning tower with the message: "All the families affected by the terrible fire today in Grenfell Tower are welcome in my restaurant, where my team will provide food and drink. We are in the neighborhood of Westfield, just around the corner. This is for fire victims, our thoughts and prayers are with you all ".

the publication Instagram and the Jamie Oliver He accumulated only in the early hours total 80.000 I like and currently carries more than 400.000. Following this, a number of British celebrities as Lily Allen, or GH England star, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, They were encouraged to not only share their condolences with the victims of the tragic fire, but They offered help shaped means, money or shelter to families affected.

The restaurants have such disaster response

In addition to the beautiful story we published a few months ago about Muslim restaurant, London opened its doors the elderly homeless at Christmas City, we have more examples of restaurants that do not hesitate to use its convening power especially through social networks, to help the needy.

Restaurant is the case The Village on Adams Toledo, Ohio, In U.S.A, after a terrible fire in a known building in the city, the Wachter building that displaced more than 21 residents, He opened offering food and entertainment to all its customers in exchange for a small donation to those affected. Currently, on their website still maintain a message offering the possibility of making a donation to those affected

Following in their wake, many other bars and restaurants the neighborhood where the fire occurred began practicing various recovery actions, with the intention of together at the end all the money raised and donate those affected by this fire.

A reaction of charity and kindness very similar to that initiated by Oliver in U.K. only in the other part of the world, but also it keeps the restaurants in the center of boiling various solidarity actions that are generated spontaneously in people. Furthermore, these restaurants and chef's not hesitate to use their relevance in social networks to mobilize more people possible, and thus give more strength to all its initiatives.

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