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Jordi Cruz revolutionizes networks in the premiere of Master Chef 6


The chef Jordi Cruz is a real phenomenon of social networks we already know. Y, Nevertheless, never ceases to amaze. It is capable of revolutionizing networks with your comments, and even more when it comes awaited premiere of the sixth edition of Master Chef Spain.

What has become clear is that his followers were waiting for him. And shortly before the gala, the chef Jordi Cruz gave a framed in a beautiful setting for heat engines in his personal account Instagram image.

He likes barrage did not wait, nor comments arrived from various parts of not only Spanish but also Latin American geography, where both Cruz and Master Chef Spain have an important community of followers. He chef has been commended for his third Michelin star, by his holy and to be back as a judge of the program.

Another peak night premiere of Master Chef 6, It was when Cruz defended on his personal Twitter account his partner Samantha jury before Vallego-Nágera improper manners of one of the contestants.

To close an intense day, Jordi Cruz thanked networks in both the public and the program with respective tuits. The answers, this time, Nor did expect.

Once again, Master Chef Gala Spain is a trendsetter. Not in vain, the issue has registered its best rate hearing on startup (16,8% audience share, one tenth more than last year), which means that the competition is on the rise and anda public eager to see their favorite chefs the judgments and comments that rarely go unnoticed.


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