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Jordi Roca, Miranda iratxe, McDonald’s y Heart Ibiza, are the winners of the awards The Best Digital Restaurants 2020


Chef Jordi Roca of the restaurant El Celler de Can Roca (Girona), the head of Miranda Iratxe room of the restaurant Yume (Aviles), McDonald's franchise and restaurant Heart of the Adrià brothers Ibiza, are the winners of the third edition of the awards The Best Digital Restaurants 2020 (#TheBestDR2020).

The awards recognize those individuals and companies hospitality sector in Spain They have shown that management of digital environments and innovation is one of its major transformative forces. They were presented at a gala full of guests who put an end to ExpoHIP, the biggest event held HORECA innovation in Europe.

They are the only awards in the world to recognize the effort and work on digital management, creating a community around values brand, interacting actively with this and performing digital and technological initiatives that impact positively on the relationship with your customers, with their environment and the company itself.

The third edition of The Best Digital Restaurants has had the support industry-leading brands such as Makro, Fork and Macco Robotics as sponsors of the awards. The winners of the previous editions were Quique Dacosta and Mario Sandoval, in the category of best digital chefs, Silk independent restaurants & Soy and Pimpi, and restaurant chains Starbucks and Goiko.

Diego Coquillat, these awards creator and director of the digital newspaper DiegoCoquillat.com, said that: “The Best Digital Restaurants involve the recognition of those restaurants, chefs and maîtres who are managing your company with a new model where the digitization and innovation are key to the present and future of its projects ".

El premio The Best Digital Restaurant Indie 2020 He was delivered by Chema León, Marketing Director of Makro Spain, Heart to the restaurant Ibiza. His representative, General Manager / Creative director José Corraliza, He was very grateful to receive this recognition the: “Digital management also creates emotions through artificial intelligence, We are a visionary concept constantly reinventing”.

The award The Best Digital Maître 2020 It was delivered by Marcos Alves, Founder of ElTenedor, Iratxe Miranda, head of the Yume room restaurant Aviles. this was shown euphoric as the first maitre receiving this important recognition. “It is a historic moment for floor leaders, since it is the first time that this award is given to maîtres, Thank you for recognizing the revolution of the room and our work. The room is to sell and communicate, also through digital”.

El premio The Best Digital Restaurant Group 2020, He was presented by Victor Martin, CEO de Macco Robotics, one of the largest companies in Europe robotics for hospitality, to the group McDonald's. His representative, Natalia Echeverría, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer de McDonald’s España, He was very grateful to receive this recognition the. “This award adds value to our customers obsession, Personalizing your experience in a digital environment that allows us to continue to lead the industry. McDonalds DNA is to make it easier every day to our customers. More than 10 million downloads can anticipate what the consumer wants”.

The award The Best Digital Chef 2020, It was delivered by self Diego Coquillat to the chef Jordi Roca which could not go, but he sent a video that he said. "Let the people understand your thinking and understand your message through these digital tools is a prize in itself”.

Next year, these awards will bring important new features with the addition of new categories, and from tomorrow we will start working on the fourth edition, in #TheBestDR2021.

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