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July 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


Officially it began summer, a station influences especially in the restoration.

July is a month full days of sunshine and in which many use to catch your holidays. Because, in some areas of the country, especially the coast, bars and restaurants reinforce their preparation to be his major work period; while in other regions the rate low.

Whether you are in the first group and the second, you know that this month there are multiple celebrations you can take to your local activities that make a difference e increase footfall.

In summer it's a party

If anything characterizes Spain is that with good weather people took to the streets, We love to enjoy the sun and we like to share with our people beer in hand.

So marked this habit can be a great excuse to organize some activity in your restaurant. A summer party, a party prom with activities for children if your establishment works primarily with families, a summer tasting menu if called gastronomic, or a week of a typical dish of summer like gazpacho or salmorejo prepared in different ways every day. Take advantage of the desire to go out and have fun your customers to provide fun times and improve your billing.

National holidays

In July several countries are celebrating their national day, and if your restaurant or bar offers a cuisine of any of them or their environment it is related, Take advantage and celebrates its day!

The day 4 US Independence commemorated, he 5 of Venezuela, he 9 of Argentina, he 14 is the National Day of France, he 20 Colombia's independence is celebrated and 28 July of Peru.

Can Only a party that day O celebrate the week menu country for a fixed price in offering a typical dish during the month; You can even offer a shot of invitation with a typical drink after each meal as detail with your customers: bourbon in the case of USA, of rum in Venezuela, or cream of cassis As for France, to give you some examples.

Another idea is to make some sort of show if you have the necessary space, as a display of tango if your restaurant is Argentine, hire a group of Colombian vallenato to celebrate the party or a group of Andean music of Peru's Day. The options are endless, the important thing is do not miss the chance.

commemorations patrias

And if your restaurant is a Spanish cuisine do not worry, during this month there are also some national holidays you can celebrate your local overhand and turn your table into an attractive destination for those looking to enjoy.

He 7 of July you know that start the most internationally known Spanish festivals, San Fermin, If your local is in Pamplona you know that you will work 5 times during the holidays, but if you are in another region, Navarran cuisine is already You have the perfect opportunity to draw the attention of your current and potential customers. Ask them to go dressed in white with red scarf to celebrate San Fermin at a party, made a special letter or celebrate the day before the call loud bang with typical songs of sanfermines.

Even if you specialize in Spanish cuisine you can create a letter of San Fermin for those days or organize a party 7, also falls on Thursday, a perfect day to go.

On the other hand, he 25 July is also party in various regions of the country because it is the day of Santiago Apostle. It is celebrated mainly in Galicia, where the second fortnight in Santiago de Compostela parties are given, with the 24 and the 25 as great days. This year also falls on a Monday, So it will be holiday weekend in Madrid, Galicia, Navarra, La Rioja and the Basque Country, which leads to greater influx of tourists who you can attract to your restaurant with a promotion.

World Population Day

By last, and not to forget some action of a social nature, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) held every 11 July from 1989 the World Population Day. That day, two years before, Earth had reached 5 billion people, hence its commemoration.

A good idea for your restaurant related date may be allocate a percentage of your earnings during that week (the day falls on a Monday) an NGO that you like. another suggestion, and combined with the time, You can make a summer party with a beneficial purpose for this day, or donate food to a soup kitchen. Of benefit to a cause it is always a positive action to improve the world, Besides that your customers like to know that working with a good initiative while enjoying your local.

These are just some marketing ideas to implement in your restaurant or bar, Below you can see other celebrations that will take place this month and which may serve to attract more public to your business. Of course, each of these actions must always be accompanied by a communication plan so that more people know what you're doing.

Many successes and tell us your experience anytime!

July Calendar 2016

July 2016: Calendar of shares of marketing for restaurantJuly 2016: Calendar of shares of marketing for restaurant

June Calendar 2016

Day 1

  • National Day creative ice cream flavor (#usa)

Day 2

  • Universal Day of cooperation

Day 4

  • Independence Day (#usa)
  • National Day barbecued spareribs (#usa)
  • National Day caesar salad (#usa)
  • National Country Music Day (#usa)

Day 5

  • Bikini Day
  • Independence Day of Venezuela

Day 6

  • National Fried Chicken Day (#usa)
  • International Kissing Day

Day 7

  • National Day macaroni (#usa)
  • San Fermin

Day 8

  • National Day chocolate with almonds (#usa)

Day 9

  • National Day Sugar Cookie
  • Independence Day of Argentina

Day 10

  • National Pina Colada Day (#usa)

Day 11

  • World Population Day

Day 13

  • National Day of French fries (#usa)

Day 14

  • National Day of France

Day 16

  • National Ice Cream Day (#usa)
  • our Lady. from Carmen

Day 18

  • Mandela Day

Day 20

  • International Friendship Day
  • Colombia's independence day

Day 22

  • naval battle in Vallecas

Day 23

  • National Vanilla Ice Cream Day (#usa)
  • National Hot Dog Day (#usa)

Day 24

  • National Tequila Day (#usa)

Day 25

  • St. James Day

Day 26

  • Day uncle and aunt
  • Grandparents Day and grandmothers

Day 27

  • National Day of creme brulee (#usa)
  • Scottish National Day

Day 28

  • Independence Day of Peru

Day 29

  • National Day of chicken wings (#usa)
  • National Lasagna Day (#usa)

Day 30

  • National Day cheesecake (#usa)
  • Father day

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

July 2016: Calendar of shares of marketing for restaurant

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    • Jose Berenguer on

      Thank you for your comment Azulz, sure in our newspaper you find many ideas to apply to your restaurants and differentiate yourself from the competition. regards!

  2. Hello First of all congratulations on your web, you are of much help for the sector.
    On the other wanted to ask about the national day of Suegro because I find that the day 30 July is celebrated in Spain.
    I would like to confirm the date pq me we will launch a marketing this subject.
    Thank you

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Thanks Lucia from the entire team DiegoCoquillat.com for your compliment about our digital newspaper.
      Regarding your question to say that Spain is not celebrated the “National Day Suegro”, We have seen that in countries like Mexico and some other Latam if there, is the 30 of July.
      We now tell the impact of this action…Thank you!

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