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July 2018: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


starts in July. Summer is in full swing although he resisted a bit more than in previous years. Nevertheless, By now the heat is the general trend and who do not fancy a drink cooler in the shade on a terrace or by the sea.

Racking locals and tourists is relentless in bars, restaurants and bars beach. The premises are seething, and not only by the high temperatures this month.

It is also the month of the holiday for many people, Y in a few areas of the country it intensifies work in bars and restaurants by the massive influx of tourists. They are a few weeks in which, Besides, They place a few parties, like the San Fermin in Pamplona, events like Madrid Fashion Week, the end of the World Cup Football in Russia, and celebrations you can do yours for revitalize your business activity Hospitality.

We offer the marketing activities calendar for July restaurants.

7 July San Fermin, Let's Pamplona we go!

San Fermin fiestas are a world-famous, so you have to take it to your advantage and apply what better come according to your business. You can make a week of Navarran cuisine If your restaurant is a Spanish cuisine -not have to be navarro- with dishes made with typical products of the region such as asparagus, cardo, chistorra o vinos, to name a few.

If your audience is active on your social networks do something in one of them, as that tell a story when they went to the sanfermines and the funniest or original win something; or simply explain what your favorite dish Navarro, share the publication in your profile and participate in a draw. Such actions will give more visibility.

15 of July, the final of the World Cup in Moscow

In just two weeks, We will plant a historic day for football. The next 15 of July, it disputes the Russia World Cup final 2018 in Moscow, at Estadio Olímpico Luzniki, starting at 17 hours. Is the soccer event par excellence that paralyzes the world every four years and golden opportunity for the catering sector.

Take advantage of it without hesitation to perform special menus, discounts, promotions… Anything goes to your local attract the fans. yes, recalls that when larger is the television screen, the greater the influx.

These things, It works great word of mouth, but remember that your own web and social networks are the perfect tools to advertise your property and call the public to live in a special way this match.

If you are a restaurant or local It serves food at home, get ready because this may be your day. Although the time the party does not accompany much because it's late for lunch and early for dinner, Do not give up anything. Together at home with family and / or friends always invites you to drink with drinks while enjoying the grand finale. Or it is also possible that the meeting forward to mealtime and the desktop is the World Cup final.

American food

The day 4 It is Independence Day US, he 23 It is National Hot Dog Day in this country, he 29 Day chicken wings and 30 Cheesecake Day. If you have a Millennial public in your business, You can join these four celebrations to devise a very attractive promotion for them and that can last all month.

Make a menu with these dishes and add a soda or a milkshake. It includes typical American cheese cake in your desserts or add it as a gift in this menu, so shall they make more palatable. Or instead of inviting the dessert, talk to your gas supplier, You agreed a special price and gives the drink gift. Other idea: If you already have in your letter a hamburger -with the boom of this dish in recent years is a regular on restaurant menus- put it in promotional whole month.

If you are someone who does not have a terrace and You need an event to raise your sales, organizes a party for the 4 July decorative elements including related or offers the menu that you mentioned before and with him, the possibility of participate in a drawing for a free dinner something like.

to chocolateros: Milk Chocolate Day

Another American holiday celebrated the day 28 to take advantage of. Almost everyone loves sweets with chocolate, and the most popular is the leading milk, so make a dessert with this ingredient and promote it.

The options are endless, since "Come with your friends and invite you to dinner to dessert Day Milk Chocolate" (with a minimum consumption per person), through preparing various options of desserts, breakfast and afternoon tea with this chocolate, to a gourmet sweet for that day has been prepared by a guest chef.

You can make a pre-game action much: ask your social networks which is the favorite dessert of chocolate of your followers, and the most repeated in the comments do for the day 28 to include in your offer. These actions that combine online with offline are good idea.

30 of July: Friendship Day and Day Suegro

He 30 July, two commemorations that occur may serve to stimulate visits your customers.

It's Friendship Day, and with this excuse you can apply promotions that encourage people to go to your business with friends. It offers a dessert invitation as in the previous point or a bottle of wine to the group (one that leaves you good price), or something like the second person to 50% (always setting limits on promotion to avoid misunderstandings). Another option may be to offer a beer snack as an invitation when buying options.

You even have the opportunity to expand the concept of friendly affection and take advantage of this day to perform some social action, instead of making some kind of discount on meals as your customers, allocates a percentage of what they pay to an organization you like.

On this date also celebrated Day Suegro, and can be an opportunity to create something fun. Ideas like "Invite your father and invite you to X" or ask social networks has made everyone to win his father and offer a prize, They are good to take advantage of a day.

In the calendar you have down there are more interesting because it dates this month several national holidays apart from the United States occur you can use depending on the card you have and your customers.

Use all these ideas in your favor and upload your billing. We hope you have a very productive summer.

July Calendar 2018

July 2018: marketing activities calendar for restaurants

Day 1

  • Canada's day
  • National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day (#usa)
  • National Ginger snap Day (#usa)
  • International Joke Day

Day 2

  • National Anisette Day (#usa)
  • World UFO Day
  • I Forgot Day

Day 3

  • Eat Beans Day
  • National Chocolate Wafer Day (#usa)

Day 4

  • Independence Day (#usa)
  • National Barbecue Spare ribs Day (#usa)
  • National Caesar Salad Day (#usa)
  • Independence from Meat Day (#usa)
  • Sidewalk Egg Frying Day (#usa)
  • National Country Music Day (#usa)

Day 5

  • Independence of venezuela

Day 6

  • National Fried Chicken Day (#usa)
  • Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day (#usa)
  • International Kissing Day

Day 7

  • San Fermin Holidays
  • National Strawberry Sundae Day (#usa)
  • National Macaroni Day (#usa)

Day 8

  • National Chocolate with Almonds Day (#usa)

Day 9

  • National Sugar Cookie Day (#usa)
  • Day Argentina

Day 10

  • National Pina Colada Day (#usa)
  • Teddy Bear Picnic Day (#usa)

Day 11

  • Population Day
  • National Blueberry Muffin Day (#usa)
  • National Rainier Cherry Day (#usa)
  • Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Day 12

  • National Pecan Pie Day (#usa)

Day 13

  • National French Fries Day (#usa)

Day 14

  • National Mac &Cheese Day (#usa)
  • Pandemonium Day (#usa)
  • Day France

Day 15

  • National Tapioca Pudding Day (#usa)
  • Gummi Worm Day

Day 16

  • Fresh Spinach Day
  • National Corn Fritter Day (#usa)
  • National Ice Cream Day (#usa)

Day 17

  • National Peach Ice Cream Day (#usa)

Day 18

  • National Caviar Day (#usa)

Day 19

  • National Daiquiri Day (#usa)

Day 20

Day 21

  • National Junk Food Day (#usa)

Day 22

  • National Penuche Fudge Day (#usa)
  • Hammock Day

Day 23

  • National Vanilla Ice Cream Day (#usa)
  • National Hot Dog Day (#usa)

Day 24

  • National Tequila Day (#usa)
  • Moors and Christians, Alicante

Day 25

  • St. James Day
  • National Hot Fudge Sundae Day (#usa)
  • Culinarians Day

Day 26

  • National Coffee Milkshake Day (#usa)

Day 27

  • National Scotch Day (#usa)

Day 28

  • Chili Doy Day
  • Peru Day
  • National Milk Chocolate Day

Day 29

  • National Chicken Wing Day (#usa)
  • National Lasagna Day (#usa)

Day 30

  • National Cheesecake Day (#usa)
  • Friendship Day
  • Father-in-Law Day

Day 30

  • National Raspberry Cake Day (#usa)

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants in July:

July 2018: marketing activities calendar for restaurants

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