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June of 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


Say goodbye to a difficult month for restaurants due to bad weather -at least in Madrid-, Y Welcome to June, the summer, the terraces, the late evenings and the desire to enjoy away from home plans. For all these reasons we think the actions that we want to develop our business to attract as many customers as possible.

Tribute to certain foods

As we have recommended on other occasions, choose any of the food they have their day in the calendar that we show below It is a good choice to do something different in our restaurant.

He 3 June is the National Egg Day in United States and the day 4 he National Cheese Day, two commonly used products in the kitchen. Make a conference Cheese for a week or ten days, highlighting each day a variety, It can be a success, every day are more fashionable tables cheeses, not to mention the quoted “cheese cart” with some restaurants only have level.

You have several items to choose from, Stay with the most fits the rest of the letter and do something special, always thinking like your customers. No need to make a big investment, It is more a matter of wit.

Freshen your drink menu

They crave more heat than usual chilly drinks, people prefer a cold shank, a red wine summer cocktails like mojitos or caipirinhas and. The healthiest opt ​​for the smootie-so fashionable now- or an iced tea. Freshen your drink menu and gives priority to these. The days 10 Y 11 June are celebrated National Ice Cream Day and World Day Tea Gin, uses these two dates as an excuse to promote both products.

As well we like to eat lighter things at this time, not only because “operation bikini” impels, but because the heat “come better” cold and more vegetables recipes, like gazpacho, salmorejo, salads, Tartar o ceviches. Another option is the defendant sushi, that you can make a tribute the day 18, because it is his International Day.

If your kitchen has no room for the sushi we recommend further action for your restaurant, since the day 18 It is also the International Day Picnic. You have two options, make a special menu that day and prepare it so that people can take it and eat it in the field or the field to bring your restaurant. Checkered tablecloths, wicker baskets, porcelain plates, wild flowers on the table… It can be fun and being weekend.

Live music

The day 21 June is the European Music Day, the perfect excuse to offer live music. It will be a great way to give customers more, apart from the pack. You can do just that day or set it as routine once a week or once a month, according to your budget and getting the results that you. Music and food are great pleasures that make good friends, If you choose either success is assured.

We do not forget charitable causes, he World Environment Day or World Oceans Day are two reasons to raise money for NGOs engaged in protecting nature. He Blood Donor Day or the day of transplant may be other reasons why raising money. Donate a percentage of your profits to these institutions, creates something different to attract the public and that this is also supportive.

Although it may seem complicated, you just have to stop and think about what is what the customer wants and what the best way to give -always within our possibilities-. We have many resources at your fingertips that offer us opportunities to carry out marketing activities very beneficial for our business, you just have to find the right way to reach the goal. We give you small touches like a tips, but you have the last word. What you thought for next month?

June Calendar 2016

June of 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurantsJune 2016: Calendar of shares of marketing for restaurant

June Calendar 2016

Day 1

  • Say something nice day (#usa)
  • National race day (#usa)

Day 2

  • Rocky Road Day (#usa)

Day 3

  • National Day Egg (#usa)
  • National Donut Day (#usa)

Day 4

  • National Cheese Day (#usa)

Day 5

  • World Environment Day
  • National Bread Day jegibre (#usa)

Day 6

  • World day of transplant
  • National Day applesauce cake (#usa)
  • National Day yo-yo (#usa)

Day 7

  • National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (#usa)

Day 8

  • World Oceans Day
  • National Day Best Friend (#usa)

Day 9

  • National Day of strawberry cake (#usa)
  • Donald Duck Day (#usa)

Day 10

  • National Iced Tea Day (#usa)

Day 11

  • World Day gin
  • National Day corncob (#usa)
  • German National Day chocolate cake (#usa)

Day 12

  • World Day Against Child Labor
  • Day red rose (#usa)

Day 13

  • European Day of Skin Cancer Prevention

Day 14

  • National Day flags (#usa)
  • National Day of strawberry ice cream (#usa)
  • World Blood Donor Day

Day 16

  • World Day of sea turtles
  • National Day Fudge (#usa)

Day 17

  • National Day apple strudel (#usa)
  • Day of eating vegetables (#usa)

Day 18

  • International Sushi Day
  • International Day Picnic

Day 19

  • National Martini Day (#usa)

Day 20

  • World Refugee Day
  • National Day vanilla milk shake (#usa)
  • National Ice Cream Soda Day (#usa)
  • International Surfing Day

Day 21

  • European Music Day
  • International Day of the Sun
  • International Yoga Day
  • World Day Against ALS

Day 22

  • National Onion Day (#usa)

Day 24

  • National Day praline (#usa)

Day 25

  • Canoe Day (#usa)

Day 26

  • Day esthetician (#usa)

Day 27

  • Day sunglasses (#usa)

Day 28

  • Gay Pride's day
  • World Tree Day

Day 30

  • Day social media (#usa)

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

June 2016: Calendar of shares of marketing for restaurant

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