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Just Eat reaches 3 million downloads in Spain


In Spain, he 70% orders the platform is made through mobile devices and more than half through the app.

The company thus reinforces its position as leader of the food industry at home, with an eye to creating the world's largest community food.

The Just Eat Application He has reached the 3 million downloads in Spain, a figure that reinforces the positioning of the company as a national leader in food delivery. With an average of 60.000 monthly downloads, application for mobile devices and receives 70% orders They carried out through Just Eat.

Founded in 2001 in Denmark, He Eat Just arrived in Spain in March 2010, and currently it has more of 6.500 partner restaurants covering 95% Spanish territory. A) Yes, The platform brings together food lovers with restaurants that want to expand their gastronomic offer beyond the doors of your local, in order to make users enjoy the experience of choosing, from anywhere, from a wide variety of options.



"After 7 years of travel in Spain, We have brought together on a single platform over 60 different types of cuisine to suit the tastes and needs of users. Our objective is creating the world's largest community food, expanding selection of cuisines with new ways to experience and enjoy the food, to continue growing in number of downloads ", says Jesus Rebollo, Country Manager de Just Eat España.

The world's largest community food, available to everyone at any time

The application works easily and intuitively. You enter your zip code, Choose the type of food you fancy (Mexican, Mediterranean, Japanese, china, Italian, india, etc.) and select the restaurant. Once elected, access your letter, Add your favorite dishes and points in the direction you want to receive your menu. Later, you just have to make the order online and pay by card or Paypal at that time, or cash subsequently the dealer.

App Just Eat

App Just Eat

It is precisely this comfort, convenience and speed of service when placing an order what they value most users, as well as the care if any problems occur. A) Yes, the application has more than 25.000 Play Store reviews with an average score of 4,2 on 5, while more than 3.500 user ratings of App Store punctuate a 4,5 on 5.

The 3 million downloads arrive after a few months of the renewal of the visual identity of the company, Just Eat with which would mark an evolution of its strategic approach, which now reflects the commitment to improve the user experience and add more value to the relationship with their partners, the restaurants. A recent example of this commitment is the organization of the first Food delivery awards in Spain, with which the company rewarded the dedication of restaurants working on the platform and gave voice to its customers.

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