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Kea, the voice chatbot that answers the restaurant's phone and generates a 30% more sales


Keep up to date with the latest news technological in the sector it has never been so important for restaurants. The coronavirus crisis has forced to change the traditional mode of operation and turn completely to the digital processing of these spaces.

There are many novelties that have appeared in recent months in the world of restaurants. Without a doubt, one of the most popular revolutions is the one that encompasses technology-based solutions. contactless. He delivery has also lived a kind of golden age. The growth of this market segment has accelerated even when its year-on-year increase has remained above the 10% for more than five years.

Of course, not all are revolutionary ideas. Many establishments, especially those of small or medium size, they still have a ample scope to undertake reforms based on pre-existing technology.

The enterprises are looking for ways to help restaurants to reorganize the attributions of their staff so that the workforce is dedicated to those tasks that add true value to their activity.

Kea, a company based in Mountain View (California, OF. UU.), and founded in 2018 by Adam Ahmad, Kea Cloud Inc., has launched on the market during 2020 a artificial intelligence with voice conversational capability that can handle phone requests without much difficulty.

According to sources from the technology company, the HE (Artificial intelligence) has already served more than a million customers, something not inconsiderable. The milestones of this software they go even further, However. Among the achievements of the system is the revitalization of the restaurant business volume.

The establishments that have been encouraged to have the services have observed how the number of telephone orders increased by 20%. In the case of partner pizzerias, where customers have a predilection for this telematic ordering method, the percentage increase has been even more pronounced.

On the other hand, participants in the first AI tests indicate that customer service staff have been freed from their duties and have been able to dedicate themselves to other matters. Some managers indicate that the help provided by the artificial intelligence equals about 10 weekly hours of human work. He chatbot allows better management of human resources and also does the job more efficiently.

Kea operates the same way as other chatbots intended for sales and orders, in the sense that try to optimize every transaction adding more items to each order and encouraging customers to opt for dishes with higher profit margins. A) Yes, according to preliminary results shared from Kea Cloud Inc., he software current allows to increase the volume of business around a 30% total.

The restaurant sector is going through one of the most difficult moments in its history. These additional benefits can mean the difference between closure and business continuity in many cases..

That is why some savvy investors have not been slow to understand the true potential of the new chatbot. During an EE Series A funding round. THE. led by Marbruck Investments fund of Australia, Adam Ahmad managed to obtain 10 million dollars in financing to take your project to the next level.

Among the investors who bet on the company are the godparents Raj Kapoor (Lift), Craig Flom (Panera Bread), Tony Lam (Wingstop) y Jonathan Kelly (Five Guys), as well as Heartland Ventures investment funds, DEEPCORE, Barrel Ventures, Streamlined Ventures, Xfund y AVG Funds.

The CEO of Kea expressed his satisfaction with the results obtained during series A. From Ahmad's point of view, restaurants can greatly benefit from installing the chatbot Kea in its restaurants. This assertion is based on the idea that restaurants rarely have an optimal workforce situation, in general the workers of the premises are overwhelmed and the telephone is repeatedly left unattended.

Kea AI puts an end to this problem, increase sales, customer satisfaction and helps the restaurant's operating costs go down. All advantages. And the best thing is that to start using this program it is not necessary to make any initial investment, Well, it has a demo version available for free.

Kea is most likely a good complement to the normal operation of the premises. Although virtual assistants and chatbots They leave a lot to be desired, the fact that Kea is based on artificial intelligence and that it is dedicated to a very well defined niche such as catering, makes the solution work really well for the consumer. So much so that there is more of 250 restaurants in EE. THE. in which Kea is already operational. Among them numerous establishments of renowned restaurant chains organized as Papa John’s, Donations and Primanti Brothers.

Thanks to 10 million dollars raised Ahmad now has his sights set on a national expansion strategy. If everything goes according to your plans (and so far it has been), in 2021 Kea will be operational in more than a thousand establishments scattered throughout 37 US states. THE. If they are successful in their contest, the next border to cross is that of the United States itself. In coming years it is very likely that the expansion will be carried out internationally.

If you want to know how Kea works, don't miss this video:

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