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Kellogg’s wants to conquer restaurants and cafes with a robot that mixes and dispenses cereals


The never-ending battle to decide the correct way to consume cereals gets a script twist.

If it was already difficult to decide to pour the milk before or add the cereals first, now we will also have to weigh if we want cereals served by robot o no.

The new vending machine of the food business Kellogg’s, known throughout the world for its cereal brands, recently introduced the Kellogg’s Bowl Bot robot. This invention allows serving cereals, and even mixtures of them, from an app or touch screen.

It is a creation of Chowbotics, a company with extensive filming already in the field of robotics for catering thanks to its Sally and Sally II models, specializing in salad bowl making and operating at various California locations.

Conversely, the first units of the Kellogg’s Bowl Bot will go to Florida State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The automaton will be equipped with containers for seven types of cereals and consumers will be able to select mixes and proportions to taste.

In this way, Kellogg’s is looking to expand into the restaurant sector, where it does not currently have a great presence. Placement of machines robotic vending machines in bars and cafes has the potential to open a new business niche. The childhood favorite cereals of many college students will be ready to be served at any breakfast.

further, the system not only offers cereals, but also dispenses dairy products if the consumer so wishes. Among the options currently contemplated are milk and Greek yogurt, which can also be accompanied with dried fruit or nuts.

Cereal bowls are served in 90 seconds and the minimum price is 2.99 $, perfect to encourage you to try the service and fall for the sugary cereals of the food company. Those who fall in love with the rich flavors of Choco Krispies, Rice Krispies and others may want to cheer up with the most exclusive options, which reach the 6.99 $.

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At the moment this collaboration between Kellogg’s and Chowbotics is on a very small scale., but it is foreseeable that it will be a success and soon it will expand by EE. THE. One of the strengths of the vending machine is its complete automation. And also it is not necessary to quickly replenish food (unless they are spent), because the robot has a magnificent preservation technology.

An interesting bet in the field of robotics for restaurants.

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