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KFC opens restaurant without employees, based on 100% in robotics


During the pandemic months the robotics has experienced strong growth in industries where it previously had little impact. This is what happens in the world of restaurants. Although some proposals were already known in Southeast Asia and the EE. UU., cribs of the technology, in the rest of the world the implantation was rather timid.

Since the end of winter that is changing all over the planet. With the precautionary measures imposed to combat the SARS-2, the population is more receptive than ever to the idea of ​​a service completely managed by robots, without the apparent intervention of human employees. That is why the first completely robotics-based restaurant establishment of the well-known fast food brand Kentucky Fried Chicken does not catch anyone by surprise, It is the logical consequence of a trend that takes force with each month of the health crisis that we experience.

The new KFC store has opened in the Russian capital. Passersby on the streets of Moscow can now visit their favorite fast food restaurant and be served by one of the robots that have settled there.

The experience of eating some chicken wings at the newly opened KFC in Moscow is not far from other automated experiences in the world of catering, What is really outstanding is that even the last detail has been managed with robots, something that is much less frequent.

When the diner enters through the door of the establishment, your first interaction takes place with a self-order kiosk based on facial recognition. This system is able to speed up waits by recognizing recurring customers and proposing orders that they have already used in the past.. The customer does not touch the device at any time, and payments are handled through some virtual wallet compatible with the system (Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc).

There is always the possibility that these new technologies for catering entail some difficulty for diners who are not used to dealing with the new systems that are appearing on the market.. Because, inside the building, the disoriented consumer may resort to SOS kiosk to solve your doubts. This kiosk invokes the only person who works in the restaurant, the manager of the premises, who will give the necessary indications to the clueless client so that their user experience is ideal.

In addition to the chicken specialties that can usually be found in a franchise of the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain, this place has an additional claim; and the kitchen is partially open to those who want to browse how the cooking tasks are carried out.

In this room segregated only in part, the kitchen robots are in charge of preparing the ingredients and their subsequent passage through the stove. To ensure that the house recipes are faithful to the traditional flavor that has made KFC famous, a multitude of automata arranged along a conveyor belt. In this production line, the different robots precisely execute the most repetitive tasks such as the selection of the pieces of meat to be used, the batter, the passage through the fryer or seasoning, for mentioning some of the processes that take place.

Finally it is the turn of a service robot in charge of the duties of the chambermaid. This robot derives the finished product from the conveyor belt to automated lockers. On one side is the access for the robot, and on the other is access to the client, that you can pick up your order as soon as it leaves the production line.

further, to minimize the number of contact surfaces that could lead to contamination by coronavirus or other pathogens, the locker doors on the client side open by facial recognition as well, so the customer does not have to touch any handle or knob at any time: just pick up your tray and bring it to your table.

KFC's new restaurant has nothing to envy those that operate in a more traditional way. The menu contains the most popular items of the brand, but hot drinks are also included, refreshments, ice cream and other products that greatly enhance the diner experience.

When the customer is satisfied and happy with their visit to the restaurant, you can leave it whenever you want. This is when the collection and disinfection fleet comes into play.. KFC claims to be able to completely sanitize the tables after every meal, and also makes sure that the possible contact surfaces receive the relevant decontamination with a periodicity not exceeding the 30 minutes.

In this way, the fast food chain has used new technologies, especially those based on robotics and facial recognition, to stand out from the competition with a safer and coronavirus-free place.

The response from Moscow residents could not have been better. In a few days, russian citizens, also partly fascinated by the American style that the local distills, have regularly visited the new KFC, proof that even in difficult times you can achieve success.

After the good experience of KFC, it only remains to be seen which is the next restaurant that joins the robotization trend. Any candidate?

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