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KFC launches the world of fashion and garments are sold as chicken wings


Is there anything you do not know KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken? The latest adventure of the chain ingenious Colonel Sanders has been designing a clothing collection that is already sold out in United States.

Is about a fashion line and accessories limited edition what, as it has happened on other occasions with clothing chain restaurants, It created a sensation in American lands. It happened jacket deliveryman Deliveroo, which it became an indispensable garment hipsterísmo a few years ago, or T-shirts DHL, who came to parade catwalks or clothing collection launched McDonald’s in 2015, Examples are varied.

But the truth is that the scope has been the main star of KFC, your jacket, no simile. Despite not being sold, or belong to the clothing collection launched in the US, From the first moment It has become a cult object, and users will melt with desire to have a. At least that We could see it in Instagram, where under the hashtag #PolloPollo They are grouped more and more pictures, comments and likes about this garment.

This new collection of clothes KFC has been so successful that only 24 hours after themselves known, a third of products are sold. The garments were varied prices but in any case accessible, since the 8 Euro socks, to the 76 one of its most sought sweatshirts.

garments 100% instagrameables

The truth is that the designers of this collection garments have been able to give absolutely spot, and provide engagement physical objects. Because the clothes are totally instagrameables, They are aesthetic hipster, are absolutely integrated with current trends of youth fashion. Definitely, will mean such a must for anyone getting dressed this season.

Steve Kelly, director of digital media in the US KFC made that clear: "KFC and Colonel Sanders have been icons of pop culture US since 70 years "and apparently, today its freshness and flow remain intact. "And not the last foray into the fashion world to do," Kelly sentenced.

The truth is that it is not the first time that KFC surprises us "going off the pot" and hitting. In this same paper we discussed the nail polish flavored fried chicken, or sunscreen with this characteristic odor, buckets Chicken equipped with USB ports ... and it seems that will not fail to surprise. At least, for now we can enjoy his latest collection of clothes, which is caused real furor in Instagram.

This is the slayer of #PolloPollo, which is not part of the collection of clothes, but it has become the latest trend that causes sensation in Instagram.

If you do not know who has the roll, Watch our videoclip and you will no doubt.

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When you make a party and people have free bar gin and tonic and @ kfc.es, it is very TOP. That was the premiere of @lallamadalapeli 🔥🙌🏼🐔 #pollopollo

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El auténtico. El genuino. El que es 100% real. El que tiene todo el rollo… el #PolloPollo está en KFC.

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Tú lo que quieres es #PolloPollo 🍗🍗

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