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Kit Kat renames hand Youtube


Held and the 10 year life of the most famous video platform while the image is renewed appetizer par excellence of Nestlé in its 80 anniversary.

The last campaign Kit Kat has taken a break with its well-known slogan “Have a break… Have a Kit Kat” and it has left parked to go one step further. Google's hand, Nestlé has undertaken the biggest makeover since birth and has launched its famous product with another brand name: Youtube Break. It is founded, in this way, The love affair between Google and Kit kat starting back in 2013 when the former announced that version 4.4 the operating system that works on smartphones and tablets would be called “kit Kat”.

Just two years later, the British company has returned the favor in the form of chocolate and launched 600.000 units throughout the UK He has announced that for the moment is the only country where you can buy- with the word “Youtube” occupying the privileged place of the wrapper. further, others will be customized 100 million packs where you will find up 72 different sentences: “Me time break”, “Rainy day break” Y “Puzzle Break” are some of them. No sign of Kit Kat anywhere. The slogan of this limited edition reads “Celebrate the breakers break”, in reference to 80 years of age by one of the most famous snacks worldwide.

But this is not all. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Youtube, both companies have agreed to give to his followers with something new. Android users are given the ability to play on their devices popular Youtube videos very easily while enjoying your favorite chocolate bar. All you have to do is tell Google Voice magic words “Youtube my break” and the terminal itself redirects you to the YouTube page for, First, watch the latest announcement of Kit Kat and, after, the four most viral videos at that time. this initiative, It is purporting to be an unprecedented success, also it lets you share content with other social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Google itself +.

Undoubtedly, every advertising campaign should be more impactful, most spectacular and most talked about than the previous. Leftover spots are known football teams to recruit members, telephone companies to attract customers or fast food chains to woo food lovers. Nevertheless, almost everything has already been invented and it is increasingly difficult to surprise a demanding and accustomed to all sorts of chicanery public by advertisers. That is why in recent years we have seen advertisements that it is impossible to forget: eructando celebrities (Penelope Cruz did to promote Coca-Cola), famous tap-dancing (Fernando Alonso encouraged to navigate without limits Movistar almost a decade); but, especially, canciones catchy (he “cremita you give me I give cremita…” ONCE or “I am the one negrito of tropical Africa” Cola Cao are two classic advertising in Spain). Also renaming of certain products can be a very successful technique to get publicity that transgress the media and word of mouth cale. Although the last to join was Kit Kat, There have been several previous examples.

At 2010 and to errors when to say “Pepsi”, its advertisers agreed to launch two campaigns. The first took place in Mexico after a study revealed that a 33,8% of the population spoke “Pecsi” instead of “Pepsi”. The player Cuauhtemoc Blanco was in charge of putting the spot image, which it was well received in other Latin American countries like Argentina or Uruguay. The second objective of the American brand was Spain and it featured another star of the ball: in this case was Fernando Torres. He boy He hinted that the Spaniards did not ask “Pepsi” but simply “Weights”.

In 2013 Burger King company changed its hallmark: He put aside the burgers and fries decided. Fries King fue, temporarily, As he called this fast food chain. This alteration did not have the expected host in social networks because the People were confused to see a logo and a different name than usual. Customers who came regularly to their restaurants and saw the new posters claimed that it was an idea too bright.

Direct competitor Burger King, McDonald’s, He also flirted with this practice. While it is true, they did more discreet and peaceful manner, as they did in one country -Australia- and for a short period of time -a month-. It was in January 2013 when McDonald's changed in the 13 establishments in the country its name to Macca's (which it is like the Australians call the American chain).

If the hamburger market is divided between McDonald's and Burger King, the soda is divided between Pepsi and Coke. If Pepsi laughed at the pronunciation of consumers, Coca-Cola went further customizing 550 million cans and bottles in a limited edition. After the success achieved in other countries, in 2013 Spain reached the packaging that could appear a name (as Laura and Miguel), a generic (as grandfather or Mother) or phrase (as “The most beautiful smile” O “Your favorite bartender”). There were more than 100 different and had great success among Spanish.

These are the changes of name -temporales- most notorious in recent years, because the list is much longer when taking into account those brands that have changed their name permanently: Zumisol the Zumosol, Petit Suisse Danonino and Doo wap Weikis are just some of them as far as power is concerned. How you can you think of any?

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