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Klikin and EcoScooting join forces to offer a white label distribution and management solution for restaurants with food delivery service


This new technology and logistics solution allows restaurants or chains manage their own food delivery service through the same website or app, quickly, and distribution services outsourced and fully optimized

Barcelona, 27 November 2018 Klikin, technology company with Repsol as majority shareholder and EcoScooting, company dedicated to the distribution last mile and owned by Grupo Cooltra, have joined forces to offer a unique technology and logistics solution for the catering industry. The rise of food delivery services has created the need for restaurants to offer this service through their own channels of contact with customers (web, social networks, etc…). In fact, he 17% of the sector's turnover already comes from this new sales channel, It is according to a recent study by the NPD and KPMG consultants in collaboration with Marks Restoration. This figure continues to grow each year, which makes it necessary to have more control over this burgeoning channel.

Restaurants may have an online ordering module in its own web, developed by Klikin, and it is integrated with a management platform delivery, developed by EcoScooting

The sector food delivery, He is known as the general public, it's divided in 2 categories: on the one hand the companies that have traditionally worked the service at home using their own deliverers, such as Telepizza or Domino's Y, on the other hand, companies that have joined most recent platforms, as Glovo the Deliveroo, and that They use their own network of distributors to provide service to the restaurant. Upon binding between Klikin and EcoScooting, the catering market will be able to access a third intermediate option, which combines the advantages of the two current models: directly manage customer orders through the website itself and / or app, and also offer a delivery service, outsourcing this work to a company with extensive experience in last mile as EcoScooting, thus optimizing service quality and saving on overhead costs.

The solution consists of an online ordering module, developed by Klikin, which can be inserted into the website of the restaurant and is integrated with a management platform delivery, developed by EcoScooting, what allows optimization of the most expensive resource site service: personnel costs. With this new service, a restaurant or a chain may have outsourced service and optimized distribution, avoiding as far as deliverers may be inactive at times of fewer orders.

About Klikin

Created by Gustavo Garcia Brusilovsky, Klikin has always pursued knowledge and give customers control of their street shops through technological tools. His most successful product was born in 2016, when developing a web app platform and customized for each restaurant for the catering sector can manage your orders and reservations, and customers with loyalty programs and marketing campaigns. Thus restoration businesses can complement the traffic that comes from other channels, managing their common customers directly.

For more information visit: www.klikin.com/es

About Ecoscooting

Founded in 2015, EcoScooting promotes the concept of home delivery commitment for sustainable cities. Ecoscooting element extends sustainability to its philosophy of human resources, working exclusively with deliverers (currently 600 and growing fast) on staff. The third point EcoScooting differentiator is its strong technological base, providing its own reception platform, assignment, optimization and real-time tracking of orders (https://saas.ecoscooting.com). This ensures quality service: flexible, Quick, easy to implement and with full traceability. Currently, the EcoScooting delivery service is available in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Lisbon, among other 25 cities of Spain and Portugal.

For more information visit: www.ecoscooting.com

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