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Food adapts to environmental sustainability through synthetic biology


To fight climate change, the collapse of ecosystems, the extinction of the Anthropocene, Plastic crisis and other challenges facing humanity that during this century, It is necessary to transform all areas where our species has impact, to mitigate the consequences of our needs.

The food industry and catering sector will see profound changes in the coming decades, from the operation mode to the products that working.

In the latter synthetic biology He is making great progress. We have seen that it is possible to popularize a vegan burger made from soy leghaemoglobin, but ... What other developments are taking place in this field should now?

Synthetic biology is a field of genetic engineering which seeks to provide living organisms with qualities of interest to society. Although traditionally relegated to medicine and pharmaceutical industry, synthetic biology is increasingly intertwined with sustainable food.

Feed for farmed fish with low environmental impact, synthetic flavors, egg whites who have left their animal origin, Cell Culture miofibrillas and other developments have attracted the attention of investors, now subsidizes some start-ups engaged in synthetic biology huge sums. IndieBio is a business accelerator that has this profile, for example.

Of course, All these advances are not free. Money is needed, but time and talent scientist also.

KnipBio It is the first company to get cultivar producing bacteria carotenoids (essential for the growth of fish) and obtaining commercial accreditation in EE. THE. However they continue to receive reports about possible exhaust strains GM.

Another aspect that puts food derived from synthetic biology into question is the emergence of new proteins in our diet. This can lead to the emergence of new allergies or unknown diseases. Controls on these products must necessarily be exhaustive.

also sprout doubts about the social impact of these new industries. Natural spices could disappear from our menus, and with them the livelihoods of many small farms.

Finally, although the goal of synthetic biology is to alleviate the burden that humanity deposited on the planet, some companies in the sector are not using sustainable raw materials for their research, which triggers all alerts.

There are many challenges, but synthetic biology has a good future in the world of catering and food, definitely.

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