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Spain reaches the mobile app Too Good To Go and fight against food waste to protect the environment.


The economic crisis that hit the world from 2006 It has increased the disparity between rich and poor. Although we have to stay positive, as global poverty decline annually, We can not ignore that inequality in First World countries has skyrocketed.

Moreover in the case of UK, where the gap has created a serious social crisis, beset by the sword of Damocles hanging over the other global empire: the Brexit.

A) Yes, British reality of the poor is the helplessness. Social aid from the state are reduced, NGOs can not cope and soup kitchens and food banks are copados, so that there is always who is marginalized by all the charitable network, however extensive this is.

To swoon Theresa May, British Prime Minister, this issue has brought shame to the country. Even The United Nations, organism little critical occasions with the West, It has recently issued a statement hinting extreme poverty and helplessness experienced by British, and social engineering perpetrated by the government to promote these circumstances.

Why it is a blatant insult each year are thrown away 320 million meals in perfect condition at restaurants in UK; Or what is the same 900 000 daily dishes, enough to feed all the guarantees 300 000 people. Something that has openly denounced the directors responsible for the app mobile Too Good To Go.

Too Good To Go is an emerging company whose goal is reduce the amount of wasted on food catering establishments in Europe. They are currently present in nine countries (Denmark, Norway, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain), where they are struggling to fulfill its fundamental mission to equate food produced with food consumed.

To that end they use the app Mobile and touted homónima, It is serving as commerce platform for participating restaurants. In her, locals can provide leftovers that have failed to sell after a day at discounted prices or hiperreducidos (symbolic prices in most cases).

Thus two birds with one stone kill. On the one hand the amount of food wasted is reduced, which has a positive effect on the environment through consumer deescalada (or in this case, rather deescalada production), and individuals and households at risk of social exclusion for economic reasons it helps to have a tasty and nutritious food for a very low price.

Too Good To Go you are having great success in the region. Right now they are 15 000 catering establishments and food that have become partners, including hotel rooms are counted, restaurant chains, restoration and organized franchises, above all, small local establishments boast a strong social commitment to their communities. On the whole They have managed to save 10 million meals and have 7,5 million registered users.

Although the problems are really serious UK, we can not forget to look within our own borders. In our country there are poor families are forced to ration food in their pantries, indigent exposed to all kinds of dangers and, in a sphere less dramatic, a social segment that can not get out of sota, horse and king lunchtime.

Now Too Good to Go is available in Spain. His arrival has been recently, being present in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Salamanca. Currently there are still few places where you can take advantage of the application, But in just one month of operation in our territory has met 90.000 users.

Among the businesses that have decided to participate, the first to join the project has been the Ibis Madrid Centro hotel. Its director Bibiana Bárcena comments about: "We are delighted to participate in this initiative, as it is closely aligned with the goal Planet 21 Program for Sustainable Development AccorHotels, in which precisely the point of reducing food waste is hotels. This union with Too Good To Go will allow us to optimize the process as hotel an agile and innovative way and do well in a neighborhood like Malasaña highly sensitized to environmental issues'.

Malasaña is also the famous Horno San Onofre, who has participated equally offering packages with different products 2.99 €, amount usually only covers the cost of one or two cakes, while this time the combination of items sold through app offered support for several diners.

Other establishments that have been joining the initiative are the pizzeria O Mamma Mia Madrid, Affordable Kitchen author This in several of its stores in Barcelona, Kitchen Mediterranean fusion BOLS Also in the port city, O Glut End, Barcelona shop where gluten feed has no place.

They are not the only ones, gradually extends movement, and friction is reduced as already exist in Spain several apps additional mobile with a similar task. It is the case Neither Migas O We Save Eat, that appeared ago following trends against food waste established by international industry applications (Flashfood, Food Cowboy, Food for All, Food Rescue, Goodr….).

Social responsibility, with the environment, the fight against hunger and against wasted food will always be well received. Any additional input value generates.

However we can not ignore some of the criticism. Especially what user experience design is concerned. The app mobile, in its current form, It is very intuitive and you are missing a tutorial that guides users less familiar with the new mobile technologies. Greater accessibility for users means a greater amount of food saved.

Users cast an option that allows them to rate associated establishments less well. In case there are several nearby places that offer similar products, should have some more informative metrics on the treatment by staff, the amounts, Prices and other. In general, the tool is short on information. Not even save those suffering from food allergies and intolerances, any communication in this regard is left to the customer and the service provider.

Not known for the moment the amount of really affordable opportunities for the poorest. The discounts observed currently are around 75%, perfect for families with tight budgets, but on the other side they have no problems to move forward day after day. To save the most disadvantaged, should offer symbolic prices, as it is done in UK.

In any case, proliferation apps mobile Too Good To Go as fighting food waste shows that We do not suffer a production problem, but one of logistics, and that those 820 millions of people who every day go to bed on an empty stomach does not need more macroganadería and agricultural monoculture, but one better management of foods derived.

For the moment we join the #LaComidaNoSeTira hashtags, #ZeroWaste, #DesperdicioDeAlimentos and #DesperdicioAlimentio from which work is organized to meet the challenge.

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