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The app Node connects influencers with restaurants


Forms of advertising have changed. TV is losing audience, newspapers see their future teeters and radio also goes through good times. In the era of telecommunications, ads are inserted into media that resonate with the population. Internet, social networks, video games ... all suitable platforms for advertising in the new millennium.

But if there is a mode that stands out above others, those are promotional actions influencers. The influencers son, no more no less, new superstars. Although there are those who have reached their position rebound thanks to his fame outside the network (think of players like Cristiano Ronaldo or singers like Beyoncé), most of the influencers They have managed to get where they are by a fully digital path.

In front of the famous old, Internet personalities have hordes of followers rather demure. But do not be fooled by the numbers, the true advertising potential posed by these professionals is due to the highly specialized thematic dealing. This has two immediate effects, on the one hand companies can bring their products to community with a clear interest therein, making your conversion rates and involvement are much greater than using more traditional methods. On the other hand, much of the communities presided for influence They characterized by high confidence that fans deposited in personality.

Whether tuiteros, youtubers O instagramers, Restaurants can also take advantage of this new paradigm of advertising. Even no reason not to risk trying, except for very specific cases, advertising actions influencers They are much more affordable than advertising in the media usual.

A clear example is Jiten Grover, owner Dipped Donuts Toronto (Canada). As he prepared to open the doors of its first store last summer, Grover knew the importance of social networks could have on such a sensitive time as opening, even when his business was small-scale.

However, I was not prepared for what was to come. A little foodie Local hung on the net a photo and a review of its establishment. Stay away from small thing, a local blog much larger spread the original entry. Soon Review amassed over three thousand positive reactions.

Although the momentum gained by this occurrence would be difficult to define, Grover has no doubt as to the impact on business: "Our Instagram just exploded. The influencers they play an important role, at least a significant impact, in business people».

Instagram is now the favorite social network for digital marketing experts. Explosive growth 2016 It has made for 2017 Y 2018 is the platform viralización greater capacity promotional content, as well as the best catalyst for new trends in all kinds of fields: entertainment, art, fashion, restoration ... Given the primarily visual Instagram profile, all those products that are likely to result in an attractive photo, suggestive or desirable, They have great potential to rally the masses.

Nevertheless Contact with the stars of Instagram (or other social networks) is not easy. These people have come to these positions insider visibility through much effort and spending huge amounts of time. From a certain threshold followers, meet the messaging and communications is literally impossible. Thus not surprisingly remaining commercial e unattended. To this we must add that many influencers son very careful when choosing which brands run promotions. A misguided advertising campaign would generate backlash, and this usually decelerating impact on the growth rate of public figure.

To enable Internet celebrities can find companies interested in promoting, and vice versa, They have emerged in the United States specialized platforms that serve as a meeting. In the case of the restaurant business, Node is the app Mobile reference. In Spain there are other, such as the case of SocialPubli O MarvelCrowd, although the difference is that the latter two are not exclusive hospitality sector.

and Node, the influencers Instagram They can access if they have more than 1500 followers. Businesses can use services app by paying a monthly fee 100 dollars and offering famous collaborate with a meal or free item. They do not have to be content with microinfluencers, businesses have carte blanche to choose who collaborate.

Returning to the case of the donut shop Grover, After the initial success it was decided to test the benefits of Node. In offering a half dozen donuts answered eight personalities. The effect of the promotion again left notes. The second success has convinced the confectioner and will continue to use the tool at least intermittently.

The Grover is not the only success story that has the app Mobile Node. Administrative assistant Bakery Bobette & Belle, Anne Cerutti, he received in his shop two influencers. To his surprise, they appeared professional photographic equipment and they performed snapshots of much higher quality than those Cerutti could ever do with your smartphone. Again, surefire networks.

To the satisfaction of the restorers must be added the famous, who see this app Movil incentive to continue hearing the scene foodie in their cities, and beyond.

If the application takes off hard, It is expected that the requirements for influencers become more stringent, but likewise also be needed stronger rewards. Some users are eager to know what the future holds for this platform. For the moment, the proper functioning is unquestionable.

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