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Personalized attention to counteract the coldness growing technology in the restoration


On the new label for eating out of home recently compiled by Tony Naylor, human contact seems to become a taboo. Hexadecálogo in the gastronomic enjoyment for the XXI century as improbable passages are collected as “do not ask the staff about their (…) lifetime”. Not even a friendly hand on the shoulder is allowed to praise a job well done.

Human relationships produce many moments of pleasant contact as uncomfortable contact, and know how to manage our emotions is important socially. Dispense small ups and downs for sink into monotony is a custom millenial seeking minimal resistance, the easy way and with less opposition.

And although the general trend seems to be granting land to the new generation through more automated services, made of inert and lacking feelings machines, there is a segment of the restoration world advocating a totally different solution. A kind of resistance, if you want to call.

The rise of the restaurants with familiar treatment

It is true that using methods based on data intelligence and incorporating facial recognition or identification credentials during the booking telematics can reach imitate a cordial relationship with regular customers. But, Who is decantaría estraperlo a relationship when you can get genuine sought treatment at the same price?

Tony Knight He is vice president of operations Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar, Louisiana chain that already has 17 establishments in the southern United States. The Walk-On is known in the area for its innovative menu, authentic cajun flavor, artisans cocktails and atmosphere comandilla. But Caballero points out that his main interest is to know each of the guests entering the door, become a restaurant with personalized attention, with human proximity ....

The family atmosphere with which it indoctrinates each new signings chain is yielding results. He 85% Business is based on recurring customers, which, broadly satisfied with the treatment received, Walk-On converts on your preferred choice for eating out of home.

The response received was such that Tony Caballero is absorbed in the creating other 105 locales. These will appear in different locations of American geography here 2023.

Far from the country of innovation and home to pioneers, other businesses catering echoed this new trend are also made for restaurants. It is the case Taihei de Phuket, Located in the idyllic country of Thailand. With a Maximum capacity of 35 diners, this business is also committed to creating a peaceful environment where people can properly address each customer personalized so that your user experience is simply sublime.

In fact, in Spain and Mexico are increasingly traditional establishments that advertise and target their marketing strategy to familiar treatment they have always given. A glance at some reviews on sites like TripAdvisor to see that one of the most valued aspects is the personalized and close treatment: “Excellent service, Pleasent treatment, all very rich”, “I highly recommend it for the good quality of the products they offer and good work in the kitchen. Customer treatment is also very close and professional”, “Well made food and friendly service”… Revaluing an asset that was beginning to fade looks like it will become a trend for restaurants to watch.

What they really want the new generations?

Maybe the Millennials are accustomed to the dehumanized relationships, But is that what you really want?

area Someck, culinary instructor The Institute of Culinary Education de New York, you doubt. And it does a good argument: “A lot of people, in these times and in this era with extensive use of social networks, They are looking for a real connection. Restaurants can assume that role in many ways”.

Someck agrees that Some customers are only interested in the price. Do the restorers should worry? Not much. In a highly competitive environment restoration every small change can affect the final price of the menu, but population segment drawn product economics shows low fidelity.

If anything helps us experience Walk-On is to see the business potential that means having an extensive recurring clientele. “It must provide a relevant experience even after they have left [the clients]Through the door”, adds Someck.

Clearly losing the north with the application of technology is not the answer to performance problems a restaurant. it is not staking everything on the personalized treatment. In the balance is the answer. In the words of David Scott Peters, advocate a more pragmatic restaurants with personalized attention and owner of a successful local in Phoenix, “at the very moment you lose sight of the user experience, (…) sales drop”.

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