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La Bodega Cinco Jotas receives the highest distinction in the tourism sector, the "Q" quality


The Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality has today awarded the highest certification in the tourism sector, the 'Q' Quality Tourism, the Bodega Cinco Jotas. The award recognizes the high interest and rewards the quality of experience of the winery Cinco Jotas, which opened to the public last year, for the first time since its founding in 1879.

The ICTE is a private, independent organization that recognizes the best tourist destinations in Spain. La Bodega Cinco Jotas thus becomes the first of its kind to receive this certification.

Bodega Cinco Jotas

Bodega Cinco Jotas

La Bodega Cinco Jotas invites visitors to live a unique tour, discovering the process of developing an exceptional product in its warehouses located more than 700m altitude. Visitors can discover all the secrets of Iberian ham Cinco Jotas d hand of the craftsmen involved in creating a process that has remained intact being a hallmark of the brand and Jabugo from 1879. The visit ends with a small cutting workshop, hand of our Master Cutter, where you can taste the best ham.

The Q Quality Cinco Jotas is a step of Osborne Group in the process of ensuring the excellence of its tourism. This certification joins the already obtained by Osborne to its warehouses in Malpica de Tajo (Toledo) and Fuenmayor and Navarrete (The Rioja).

Cinco Jotas: A treasure of Our Heritage

Cinco Jotas is the legend of Ham Ham 100% Iberian. Cinco Jotas is a privileged place: Jabugo. Five Jacks is a historic date: 1879. Cinco Jotas is an ancient tradition in breeding, processing and cut by hand. Cinco Jotas is a treasure of our heritage.

Five Jacks is a legendary brand, more than 130 years of experience in preserving the purity and authenticity of the best Bellota pork products 100% Iberian World. And is that one of the keys to success in Cinco Jotas, It is that it has always raised their pigs free. La Dehesa is the natural space in which the Pig 100% Iberico get all their quality. Without its particular geography, not that distinguished breed would be achieved. The pig 100% Iberian is an indigenous animal that has adapted over time rangeland managed by men.

The town of Jabugo is a unique location for the healing of our Bellota ham 100% Iberian. Located at an altitude of 658 meters in the Natural Park Sierra Aracena and Picos de Aroche, It was declared Reserve of the Biosphere of Sierra Morena Dehesas by UNESCO. Heavy rains accompanied by mild weather and winds from the Atlantic, make it the perfect place for what some call "the best ham in the world".

Bodega Cinco Jotas distinction

Bodega Cinco Jotas

Cinco Jotas has since its inception in Jabugo, with the knowledge and wisdom, inherited from the local people for the development of Bellota ham 100% Iberian. Their habitants, from its origins they have participated in the creation of Cinco Jotas providing the knowledge acquired and passed down from generation to generation, custom that is still maintained today in our warehouses.

A) Yes, wanting to preserve this ancient wisdom, specialized trades were created as recognized worldwide as the "Master Cutter" or the "profiler", offices for those who have passed 4 Y 5 generations and without which would not be possible Cinco Jotas.

Our Bellota ham 100% Iberian fruit of a set of factors that have nothing to do with chance but persistence in the method is obtained. Is finite, It is scarce and is not reproducible if its factors are altered. One product, excellent by definition, gourmet necessity. A treasure of Our Heritage.

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