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The restaurant chain Kajahu, a good example of fusion food and digital


The differentiating factors used in restaurants to gain a competitive advantage are varied. Local with shows or unique experiences usually take the lead in this regard; A) Yes, themed restaurants rarely see their classrooms without cluttering.

Digital technology and robotics are two of the claims that are used to excel over local competitors business. The digital transformation restaurants He has brought improvements in waiting times and customer care, menus better adapted to the local clientele, and a new range of entertainment and sensory stimulation.

Just sees it this way Balazs Rozsa, founder of the Hungarian restaurant chain Kajahu, who announced his intentions to enter the world of franchising for the first time in the capital of the country at the end of April this year. There, the press that covered the opening event of the franchise scoop attended the presentation of the curious peculiarities of the local, which has been running since 2015.

digital entertainment and multimedia technology in the tables

When the customer arrives at the Kajahu it may not be obvious that you existing technology implementation in the establishment by far exceeds that seen in other restaurants. However, the secret becomes clear when the guest takes a seat at one of the tables, leading integrated touchscreens from which they can manage their user experience in the restaurant.

Instead of waiting to be served by the staff camaraderie, customers can take the initiative and make your commands digitally. They just have to use the touch screen to navigate the menu of the Kajahu and select the items you want to taste in special occasion. When the visitor is satisfied with your order, you only have to confirm and commands comes to the kitchen; soon the dishes are ready to serve.

Diners can expect using the multimedia capabilities of these tablets built into the tables. From there you can browse internet comfortably, simple and intuitive, but more interesting is the communication system between tables installed, which allows conversation with other guests who are connected to the system within the local. A perfect way to entertain, meet people and make new friends.

Not everything is geared to adults. He Kajahu Families often receives, and younger also be distracted watching cartoons, solving puzzles and interacting with some of the games that count tablets.

Improve the user experience is not all you get touchscreens. These have a dual function. Since the restaurant offers many highly prized delicacies, The property also features a grocery store to which can be digitally accessed from tablets. If the guests have been surprised by the taste of some of the dishes, they themselves can replicate the recipe at home if you dare to buy the necessary ingredients in the store. In this way, the power Kojahu its turnover with a rare combination of restaurant business and grocery store.

traditional facilities with innovative restoration

A digital versatile tables a plethora of common facilities meet at trendy restaurants in Hungary. Budapest is well known for its chic local, and Kajahu not going to be less. To acclimate the lounge with modern audio tracks, have a designated area for pinchadiscos. The DJ can manage from there what songs sound, adapting to the mood and circumstances prevailing on each occasion.

There is also a playground specially designed for children. Its purpose is to prevent small stay glued to the screen longer than desired. There have at their disposal all the typical furniture an interior park: slides, swings and seesaws, among others. Children can have fun behind the desk and parents can enjoy a little freedom, since infants are in a safe and hazard free environment.

More interesting is the commitment to a kitchen area designated for diners own. Like a barbecue at a campsite it were, Visitors have their plates available to cook products that have applied to the Kajahu. By unprecedented resulting a restaurant cook make your customers, it looks like it is a big plus, spurs as socialization within the confines of the local.

This area kitchen staff, You can cook known as, It allows the restorer enhance their business even more thanks to a curious effect: those who dare to participate in the experience extravagant place orders higher amount.

Gastronomy, technology and restoration of hand Balazs Rozsa

Balazs Rozsa It is all a novice in the world of restoration, but this should not be misleading.

The draft restaurant chain is ambitious Kajahu, but not impossible for this novel restorer with extensive prior business experience. Rozsa, exbanquero in London, knows the ins and outs of the start-ups, which leads to business success, and the current tessitura found in restaurants around the world; subject to digital transformation, the implementation of robotics and changing consumer habits of diners encouraged by home delivery companies food.

That is why in the franchise released during the spring characteristics combine the various fronts affecting the sector restoration.

Of course, although digital technology and innovation in restoration have a strong presence in their establishments, gastronomy and food are the real center at any restaurant. This aspect is also deeply care in the case of the Kajahu.

To choose your letter make macrodata use to infer what the dishes are most popular. Statistics have dictated that the letter of the Kajahu included items as diverse as pizzas, nachos, Asian food, American burgers, pulp and more.

And far from satisfied with the good performance of the two premises that are running, Rozsa notes that the current revenues pale in comparison to those predicted for the next decade, when all the information gathered through tablets installed at the tables you can get in value optimize consumption within the local, custom launch promotions and pounce on the world ultrapersonalización, so in vogue lately.

Synergies between gastronomy and technology will be the order of the day in future establishments Kajahu.

Franchise expansion

Kajahu currently only has two locations in Hungary, but the franchise has already attracted the attention of many and international expansion will start soon. Austria is the second country that will feature chain, but then many more will come. At least 83 plus, which are the premises for a master franchisor has licensed. They will be in countries of Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland…

Large cities will be the main objective of Rozsa. London will see the opening of a Kajahu in 2020, and Spain are expected to arrive in 2021. According to statements by Thierry Rousset, director of international expansion Kajahu, the arrival of technological restaurants Hungarian restaurateur will take place first in Madrid and Barcelona, and from there they will spread large cities (all those with more than 350 000 people are capable of hosting a local franchisee) to have a 40 establishments distributed throughout the Spanish geography.

Kajahu makers are still in the planning stage in the case of Spain, because it has not yet appeared a candidate for master franchisee with the capabilities necessary to manage efficiently estimated and productive local. further, the initial investment required is not small: It is around half a million euros for Local.

See if the three-year plan to enter the markets of Spain, Russia, France, Germany and Italy they succeed. If so, the Kajahu could become another distinctive element of the network of restaurants that make up the catering industry in our country.

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