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Tokyo city easier for tourists access to restaurants with a website 13 Languages


This interesting initiative launched by the Metropolitan Government of Tokyo, in which facilitated through the web www.menu-tokyo.jp, tourists who visit the city can have the letters restaurants 13 different languages.

Tokyo predicts that the 2020, coinciding with the Olympic Games, the number of tourists visiting the city is around the 15 million visitors and seems to have already begun to prepare.

That is why the Government of the City of Tokyo has been involved in this web project to improve accessibility for tourists to restaurants, since very few who they have their cards in foreign languages.

Visitors can access the web and see the different cards and menus in your language, in addition to searches by different criteria, for example, the type of food, the restaurant area, or the average price of the dishes.

further, The website also has a section where they teach to enjoy Japanese cuisine, and how could it be otherwise, the drawings illustrate Japanese.

Learn to enjoy Japanese food through Anime!

Definitely, we have a very interesting initiative, which shows that cities that want to be at the forefront of tourism and service, They have to be involved in promoting and facilitating the restaurants the scanning process and thereby ensure the best experience and the best service for visitors.

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