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Vegan cuisine, booming in the street markets of London


London prepares to give the Welcome to a street market vegan food. Vegan market opens in Soho Street Union, Rupert street, this next 14 of April. And every Saturday, from 11 morning at four p.m., will try to surprise his audience, original and foreign, with the best combinations of vegan cuisine.

The British capital is becoming point for lovers of veganism. It is kinds of restaurants are booming, both local and street food stalls, and the announcement that Soho will host a vegan food market is great news.

Y, eye!, because who believes that veganism are salads, tofu pastes and errs. The cuisine of Soho Vegan market promises. Street vendors include shops Young Vegans, famous for pie and mash in Camden Market, Indian food Spicebox, Vegans steaks Jake’s Vegan Steaks and cakes Lele's Vegan Patisserie.

In his account of newly released Instagram, Soho Vegan market and gives some tracks offer everything from next Saturday:

At the same time, It has also opened its doors recently first restaurant 100% vegano one North Yard one Camden Market. from 11 in the morning until seven p.m., Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner daily joins the growing and diverse selection of vegan options available daily in Camden Market.

This new trade offers street market in London all specialties of American fast food vegan and also offers a weekly menu.

In your Facebook account, Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner He showed his work before the opening of the local Y, during last March, He wanted to involve supporters of evolution until opening day.

The new vegan restaurant in Camden Market has had a well received by the public it has thus expressed their opinions.

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