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The collection of recipes Karlos Arguiñano that falls on twitter


Pull the popular Basque chef Karlos Arguiñano It is indisputable at this stage of career, after nearly 30 years offering every day new and delicious recipes of dishes. All with a salt shaker and a "sly" grace Cook, TV presenter, actor, writer and entrepreneur puts into practice better than anyone.

further, in social networks it has been uncovered as an essential account, constantly updated and offers value content, interesting and useful. Arguiñano recipes have always had a great reputation that the chef did not want to miss.

For over 20 years, Spain in each library not need a recipe book yours, on TV carries a continuous emission nor is it known how many seasons, lacked only be a crack in networks.

And so it has been, Karlos Arguiñano reaffirms its media fame on social networks like Twitter, in which @karguinano accumulates more than 324mil followers. All of them, remain faithful each publication of master chef. But also, his taste for publishing recipes has not stopped but rather increased.

Here is a good example of how Arguiñano about his followers we leave the most famous and delicious recipes from Spain, every day.

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