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Food home wins with the participation of the Spanish team at the World Cup


With the start of the World Cup in Russia, also tear carousels home games no time to go out to eat and even cook. It is at this juncture where food home takes its role.

Like football, he delivery wins the World Championship. It is expected an important orders increased during the day to play the Spanish selection. This afternoon, starting at 20 hours, starts on challenge for the Red and Just Eat.

Food sector at home is rubbing his hands with the World. Forecasts point to a increased orders from a 30 and a 35% the days of the matches of Spain, According to the company that leads the home food market in Spain, Just Eat.

Watch a football game is one of the quintessential moments to order food at home and enjoy the power and minute by minute match with friends and / or family. So much so that the holding a football game it is located, According to Just Eat, in the fourth in the ranking of the favorite times to order delivery, only behind plans with friends, a rainy day and a romantic date. So that, football matches are a incredible opportunity for restaurants that offer dishes at home.

further, this championship by its nature invites to be held at home and with friends, therefore orders food delivery complete this perfect plan. Culinary preferences, the football lovers opt for pizza, followed sushi and, in third place, el kebab.

25% discount by ordering through the app Just Eat

On the occasion of the celebration of World football championship, Just Eat launches 'Jump', a new campaign hand Dommo, creative agency, encompassing a offering a unique promotion 25% discount on all orders placed through the app day to play Spain.

The company has a network 8.000 restaurants in Spain, among which are some of the most important chains in the sector, and more than one million active users.

Just Eat opera como world leader in food delivery. Headquartered in London, uses patented technology to provide a fast and efficient online orders 22,8 million customers Y 87.500 attached restaurants in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Brazil. Just Eat is a member of the FTSE Index 100.

If you are already provided a game of the Spanish team and yet you have not decided what kind of food order to share with friends or family during the meeting, here we give you some ideas drawn Instagram succulent serving dishes Just Eat.

Today, you and I, watching new seasons. You know what I mean 😏

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Spring, We no cheat, already plays picnic.

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Labor Day only thing that works is the sofa and palate.

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Press @ S and the first thing out pizza touches you invite.

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M̶e̶n̶s̶ back in corpore sano manjares.

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Burger King gives the pitch with the gift of an order Lopetegui

Burger King España has won the absolute role in social networks after learning of the dismissal of Julen Lopetegui as coach of Spain, by the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, following the announcement of his move to Real Madrid.

The hamburger chain launched an original message, through its Facebook account, to the coach, On Wednesday Russia traveled to Madrid and see the World Cup on television.

The community manager of Burger King has been the unanimous applause of the followers of social networks. Hamburger chain also committed meal at home during the celebration of the World and left the following message Lopetegui:

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