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“The food at home online is a new commercial weapon for restaurants”


I present a new interview I've done for my Youtube channel DiegoCoquillatTV on new online business opportunities for the restaurant industry.

There is no doubt that thanks to the incorporation of technology and Internet in our lives, new ways of getting online customers are appearing for restaurants, and one that more strongly to burst into the market is the food delivery, with an exponential growth in recent 24 months.

Since many customers are doing through internet orders at home and many restaurants found a new service and a new way to increase sales that directly affects your bottom line.

I wanted to learn more about as being the evolution of this market in Spain and therefore have interviewed one of the most authoritative people can talk about this stuff, Jerome Gavin, Director of Operations and Expansion Just-Eat for Spain, France, Italy, Brazil and India.

Interview with Jerome Gavin:

said in the interview links:

Website Just-Eat in Spain

Link to the published report: Barometer 2013 Food Delivery.

Twitter Just-Eat

Facebook Just-Eat

Google Plus Just-Eat

App iPhone Just-Eat

App Android Just-Eat

The minute-by-minute interview:

00:21 - My introduction to the report published by Just-Eat

04:50 - What is Just-Eat?

05:50 - What is the profile of customers asking food delivery?

06:50 - Why a restaurant would have to be at Just-Eat and how it influences their turnover?

09:00 - How can a restaurant deploy your whole system to provide a home service?

10:55 - Do you Facilitáis ancillary services needed to carry food home?

12:30 - What are the keys to a restaurant to get food delivery orders online?

14:35 – How does this influence the views of customers orders?

15:10 – What is the importance of social networks for Just-Eat?

16:45 – Any action on social networks has had a special relevance?

17:55 – Is the buying trend of the market is going mobile?

19:20 – What advice would you give to the hoteliers to meet these times with greater assurance?

The 12 Key interview:

1.-Just-Eat is the world's leading online orders at home and its service is based on connecting people who want to order delivery restaurants offering this service.

2.- What they bring to final consumers is a quick service, easy to use, comfortable, safe and with a variety, to facilitate the lives of people.

3.-There are 2.5 million people who connect daily to the internet and asking at least one meal at home this month and restaurants you have to know how to exploit.

4.-There are restaurants that have been saved from the crisis thanks to the food delivery online, as it contributes between 15% and a 25% billing over a period of 6 a 12 months.

5.- The food at home is a new line of business for restaurants that allows you to get customers and sales.

6.- The business model of Just-Eat is earning a commission from the 11% and the 13% the amount of orders placed by the customer. In 10 O 20 orders the restaurant has monetized its investment.

7.- If a restaurant gives a good product, gives good service and no late delivery order success rate of food delivery service is very high.

8.- The biggest risk facing the industry is that a restaurant does not consider equal to an online client offline.

9.- The online customer usually spend 30% more than offline.

10.- Today social networks are fundamental, the main objective, before selling, It is to get information to improve our product and service.

11.- Visits and takeout orders via mobile continues to grow, It is a clear trend, growth is unstoppable.

12.-Restaurants have to bet on the internet and mobile channel because it is the present and increasingly will be consolidated in the future, It is the new way of doing business, consuming, to act and it is very important to be present on the internet for a restaurant work and get more sales and more customers.

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